Touring The States: Pittsburg, CA

I searched all over the internet to try to find out the names of these two MCs, but I couldn’t find anything. Then I decided to ask 3xkrazy, who ripped this tape himself, but with no luck. There are no names printed anywhere in the tape’s cover. The only bit of information that I found on the internet is that this tape is a rare release out of Pittsburg (California) that was sought by many before finally it was ripped. As you can see, this tape is short, but the two tracks are good. Try it yourself.

Side A:
01. Let The Funk Flow (Radio)
02. Let The Funk Flow (Dirty)
03. Let The Funk Flow (Instrumental)

Side B:
01. U Can’t Tell Me How 2 Live (Vocal)
02. U Can’t Tell Me How 2 Live (Instrumental)


Big thanks to 3xkrazy for ripping and sharing this rare release.


— Markshot

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