Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Part 5

Bringing you the 5th volume of my Baltimore and Washington Dc series this time. Today’s post is not one to sleep on. A few of these might be hard to track down elsewhere, such as 1,10,12,17 and 18. It’s a shame Derrick Rebel never had an album out, to my knowledge at least. I have a few other selections from him and the man brings heat. Another Baltimore rapper to watch out for is Silohuette. Alkuttraz, track 11 is for you man. Hope it’s new! On another note, I am not entirely sure about D.C. Da Messenger. I’ve read that he was from Lanham, but also that he was from Michigan so I really do not know. Lanham was home to some other artists with pretty universal styles so ‘Avenue Bum Rush’ could easily be Maryland rap, but Michigan would not surprise me either. If anyone out there can clear that up I’d love to know. Also, tracks 5 and 6 are a mystery to me. Basically the same thing, I am not sure which artist/song title is right. Regardless, this compilations slams like a heavyweight. If you dig that underground mid-atlantic sound you’ll be coming back to volume 5 again and again. Enjoy!


01 (4:08) Derrick Rebel – Hit Em’ Hard (Baltimore 1998)
02 (6:04) D.c. Da Messenger – Avenue Bum Rush (Lanham, Md 1995)
03 (4:59) Blak Kaos – Keep It Real (Washington Dc 1996)
04 (4:50) Cage 1 – Straight From Cage ! (Baltimore 1991)
05 (4:22) Lord cyrus – Hearts Of Diamonds (Baltimore 1994)
06 (3:22) Infinite Description – It’s Alright (Washington Dc 1993)
07 (3:06) Pen Powz – Penz N’ Needlz (Baltimore 1994)
08 (5:04) Starvin Art Clique – Charm City (Baltimore 1997)
09 (4:31) Massive Ring – Middle East (Baltimore 1993)
10 (4:20) Under Achieva’z – Dc Rocks (Washington Dc 1996)
11 (2:52) Silohuette – Zonin’ (Baltimore 1998)
12 (4:31) O.h.e – Hard And Heavy (Lanham, Md 2002)
13 (2:01) diamond k presents – boyz 2 moan (baltimore 1995)
14 (3:45) Madchild – Claustrophobic (Baltimore 1995)
15 (4:21) Brother Most – Bunga Natty (Washington Dc 1996)
16 (3:53) K-mack – Do Or Die (Baltimore 1995)
17 (4:44) New Testament – Cerebral (Baltimore 1995)
18 (5:17) Ray Lugar – Life Of A King (Baltimore 1998)
19 (3:47) Negrow League – The World Is Not Enough (Baltimore 1997)

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5 Responses to “Baltimore & Washington DC Underground Part 5”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dope. Lovin that Lord Cyrus joint. Props once again Schen.

  2. Schenectadyfan says:

    Glad you dig! What else is new to your ears ?

  3. P M X says:

    With the way the city pushed everyone out of Ward 8 for that ridiculous stadium, alot of DC stays in PG county. Drive through L & Half st. SE and you'll understand how much sh*t's changed since the 90s! big up for posting these though – always put me on to joints I never knew about (and I've been in the DMV for 30+ yrs)…

  4. jd says:

    do you have the instrumental for middle east?

  5. D.C. da Messenger was born and raised in N.W. D.C. however the executive producer who put this project out was from maryland and after the Messenger was caught up in the street life he kept pushing the c.d. Messenger is still in the game and lives in ga. now. after being relesed from prison he moved to queens and did a project with rockstone you can find it on rockstonecac.com or youtube under messenger party the messenger the arival on i tunes new single on youtube under the messenger the sermon .He is a poet and an mc

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