Does GZA have to smack a bitch?

Disregard the pasteoid to doing the interview. Invest the 3 minutes, have a laugh or two and listen to what Gary Grice aka GZA has to say. Peace to Chelsea from KarmaLoop TV.

And just to keep the laughs going let us not forget the extremely awkward gun-2-da-dome Al-Qaeda style video by the man GZA was just talking about.


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9 Responses to “Does GZA have to smack a bitch?”

  1. verge says:

    I laughed out loud during that entire interview. You can tell homeboy knew he was about a half a stupid question away from getting molly whopped.
    Then GZA's obvious annoyance at having to give them plugs. Hahaa, that was terrific.
    Hip hop needs more of these drunken GZA interviews.

  2. Anonymous says:

    funny interview, reminds me of the video i saw of gza performing, and the dude tells him to rhyme about dinosaurs and gza goes off.

  3. blockhead says:

    hahaha…man, that was amazingly awkward.

  4. LAN says:

    wtf @ Rakim
    he relocated in the south or sth ?

  5. PAS says:

    I could sit thru half an hour of this, hilarious!"Special Ed – Soulja Boy, do the math!!!haha aa always a pleasure to hear him speak, I kinda liked the reporters vibe as well..pertinent!

  6. dev4mil says:

    @ LAN: you DO know lots of New Yorkers (including Rakim) wore gold teeth back in the day, right? To him, it's probably less of a new thing and more of a return to his old style… probably.

  7. echo leader says:


    gza just clowned on the homeboy during the whole interview.

    and just for the record: YES, the majority of New England rap fans are that fucking clueless. i have to deal with shit like that every time i go to a show.

  8. Pronay says:

    hahaha, I'm happy & surprised that my video made it on this blog

    p.s. tell 'em rakim sent you man… they ain't gonna give you no discount but what they gon' do they gon' give you the right joints youheardme?

  9. Anonymous says:

    That fucking interviewer was quite possibly the most annoying person in the universe.

    GZA shoulda' smacked a bitch.

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