Brand Nubian – Slow Down (Waterfalls Remix and Sample)

What we have here is a pretty rare remix of the Nubians’ classic anti- girlfriend stealing your sneakers and trading them for crack anthem, produced by Frankenstein from Canada.

You’ll either love it or hate it. I first heard this when Kimani uploaded it in a remix compilation at the T.R.O.Y. forum, which then got posted here.

Right away, you’ll notice that you can still here the original beat drowned out a little bit in the background. My first thought was that maybe there was an acapella for Slow Down that left elements of the beat in. Kind of like how Eric B and Rakim had that mix of ‘In The Ghetto’ with only the drums and vocals. And Mf Doom had that mix of ‘Go With The Flow’ with just the rhymes and drums on that Fondle ‘Em single.
But I didn’t remember anything like that for Slow Down, so I brought my question back to the forum. Kimani, vaporized, and myself all agree that this Frankenstein guy must have just eq’ed most of the low end out of ‘Slow Down’ and threw his beat over it. If you have any other ideas or info, hit up the comments.

Due to some household inconveniences, to put it very mildly, I spent last weekend up at my girl’s family’s house in Allentown, PA. During my visit, of course I had to find somewhere to dig for some gems. Luckily, I found this little record store about 5 miles from where I was staying, in the town of Bethlehem, PA. I managed to round up a good dozen or so bangers for a small price.
Among them was John Klemmer’s 1972 album, ‘Waterfalls’, on ABC Impulse. This record would be where I caught the sample used for the Brand Nubian remix in question. I also found the original vinyl with the cut that was sampled by Buckwild for the Beastie Boys ‘Get It Together’ remix and a couple of other gem pieces. Another time for all of that.

Sample source snippet

Brand Nubian – Slow Down (Waterfalls Remix)

As a bonus, the vinyl single of the original Slow Down and the entire sample source song are included in this download.

If you like the Frankenstein Waterfalls remix, check kimani’s blog for a lot more Frankenstein material here.


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