Hiero Producer Series: Snupe

Installment #4 of the Hiero Producer Series: Snupe

Snupe is the oddball of the Hieroglyphics camp. He got kicked out of the group back in ’96 over “creative differences”. The Hiero crew is incredibly tight-knit, so I’m not sure how Snupe managed to piss off enough members to the point where they’d kick him out. Whose girl did he step to, and did he mean to?

You can’t front on the beats, though. Most of the tracks that he produced on his ’94 debut “Like It Should Be” are outstanding, and while he hooked up the rest of the crew with only four tracks, they’re all excellent.

Snupe – Production Files Volume 1
1. Extra Prolific – Weak Shit (Demo)
2. Del – You’re In Shambles
3. Souls Of Mischief – Never No More (76 Seville Mix)
4. Souls Of Mischief – That’s When Ya Lost (Remix)
5. Extra Prolific – First Sermon (The Town Mix)
6. Extra Prolific & Pep Love – Go Back To School
7. Extra Prolific – Give It Up
8. Extra Prolific – First Sermon
9. Extra Prolific – Never Changing
10. Extra Prolific – In Front Of The Kids
11. Extra Prolific – It’s Alright
12. Extra Prolific – Sweet Potato Pie
13. Souls Of Mischief – Dirty D’s Theme

Snupe – Production Files Volume 2
1. Extra Prolific, Opio & Tajai – Now What Pt. 2
2. Extra Prolific – You A Fool
3. Extra Prolific – Having Fun
4. Extra Prolific – You Don’t Know Me
5. Extra Prolific – Going Down (Ray’s Theme)
6. Extra Prolific – Break It Down
7. Extra Prolific – Jump On It
8. Extra Prolific – Searching
9. Extra Prolific – 2 For 15 Outro
10. Extra Prolific – Master Piece Intro
11. Extra Prolific – Action Set In Flight
12. Extra Prolific – Second Sermon
13. Extra Prolific – Call Me
14. Extra Prolific – I Don’t Know Why
15. Extra Prolific – Can’t Reap Til You Sow

Snupe – Production Files Volume 3
1. Extra Prolific – When You Hoes (Remix)
2. Extra Prolific – Old E Commercial
3. Extra Prolific – Bo Bo
4. Extra Prolific – Going Down
5. Extra Prolific – When You Hoes
6. Extra Prolific – That’s A Shame
7. Extra Prolific – From Block To Block
8. Extra Prolific – Security Please
9. Extra Prolific & Pep Love – Hitting Corners
10. Del – You’re In Shambles (Instrumental)
11. Souls Of Mischief – Never No More (76 Seville Instrumental)
12. Extra Prolific – First Sermon Remix (Instrumental)


Extra Prolific – Weak Shit (Demo)

Del – You’re In Shambles

Souls Of Mischief – Never No More (76 Seville Mix)

Souls Of Mischief – That’s When Ya Lost (Remix)

Extra Prolific – First Sermon (The Town Mix)

Extra Prolific & Pep Love – Go Back To School

Extra Prolific – Give It Up

Extra Prolific – First Sermon

Souls Of Mischief – Dirty D’s Theme

Extra Prolific – You A Fool

–Roy Johnson

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10 Responses to “Hiero Producer Series: Snupe”

  1. MD says:

    Shit, I forgot he did "You're In Shambles" too.

    Damn, sucks he got the boot.

  2. Boothe says:

    I could be mistaken, but I think Toure produced the First Sermon Remix.

    I think a lot of people were so busy dissing snupe for not being "freestyle-ie", that his production work was largely ignored. His beats were tight.

    You're In Shambles, Never No More Remix, Go Back To School…all outstanding.

  3. Roy Johnson says:

    Boothe – Good call. The "First Sermon" Remix was produced by both Snupe and Toure, so you will see it on the latter's installment as well.

    As far as my favorite beat is concerned, I have a hard time choosing between "Go Back To School", "You're In Shambles", and the remix for "Never No More".

  4. Boothe says:


    He was still around after the Jive Party incident.

    During the time Hiero was recording 3rd Eye Vision, Snupe was basically doing the shit he rapped about in Brown Sugar…with a crew member's sister.

    "but i'm not supposed to be caught with these…"

    Dude got caught, and it was a wrap.

  5. MD says:

    Oh shit. Man, you'd think he'd tread lightly after fucking up once.

    I think "Brown Sugar" just became a track to skip from now on…

  6. I'm a WHITE Nigga Whut!!!! says:

    He got caught fucking Casual's sister and his response was "I didn't mean to".

  7. T.R.O.Y. says:

    From the "Like it should be" my favourite is "Give it up"
    And definitely "Never no more" is one of his best works ever.


  8. Anonymous says:

    yo man amazing shit as always….
    the only blog i check on the regular and im not jokin….

    just a heads up that part 1 from the snupe shit is acting funny….
    the mediafire link….says problem forwarded to development team so i t might get cleared up soon

    just a heads up
    and thanks so much man

    i remember buying the first extra pro lp for like 30+ bucks….worth it thou….hard as fuck to find on wax

    -Tim from toronto

  9. Roy Johnson says:

    No problem, Tim.

    Mediafire has been acting funny in recent months, but I just checked the link, and it works fine.

  10. Give It Up says:

    A-Plus produced “Searching” on Extra Pro’s 2 for 15 album.

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