Touring The States: Cleveland, OH

Johhny Paycheck and Pratt Attack on the mics and DJ/Producer Mixmaster Quik form this tremendous, Cleveland rap group. They were on the same label (Solar) which dropped the Deep Cover soundtrack, but for whatever reason they haven’t gained fame outside of Cleveland, where they were known as one of the best rap acts. I’ve visited numerous forums and blogs in a search for some info about this album and I have not seen one bad comment about it. As a matter of fact, plenty of people are saying this is a true classic. After listening to it thoroughly, I can say I’m not far from agreeing with that notion. So, there’s only one task left for you – download it, listen to it from start to finish and see if you can give it a passing grade or even consider it a classic.

01. Intro

02. Chop Chops
03. Date Rape
04. Let Go My Ego
05. Tops & The Ball
06. Frantic
07 Stuck On Stupid
08 It’s Over!
09 Before The Bell Rings
10 Message From Michael McGhee
11 KracKKa Season
12 Wait A Minute
13 Fuck Crime Stoppers
14 Niggas Scared
15 Down In The Valley
16 All Rise
17 Miss Right



— Markshot

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