Southern Series Volume 4 (1991-1999)

Coming up hard out of the South again today with the 4th volume of my southern series. This one really exposes dixie country in all its true colors. Don’t run away thinking this is all bass though! There are numerous styles represented. I’m sure even fans of radically differing tastes will be nodding heads in the course of this 68 minute journey. Tracks like ‘Weakness’ or ‘Damn Duckets’ will surprise you with their texture and musicality. For those who like live instruments, don’t sleep on track 2. I’m a fiend for good guitar licks in hip hop and Racola Jam does it right.

Although the state is well known for booty shaking, Florida delivers solid contributions on this compilation. Tap, Ghost and Phobia was the first group Funkghost was involved in. The track featured here is from their 2nd release, ‘Rugged Aspects In The Diary Of Funk’. The first tape was the self-titled ‘Black Saturday’ ep from 1992. In 1993 they changed their name to ‘Tap, Ghost And Phobia’ after Cypress Hill released the famed Black Sunday album. ‘Rugged Aspects’ is an unknown jewel and this track stands out in particular. ‘Starshine’ dropped 6 years later and illustrates Funkghosts progression over time. No, I can’t pick between them. What about you? When I posted volume one ages ago ‘scott T’ commented that his east coast bias was smashed. This volume should do the same.


01 (1:22) Javier And The Str 8 Jackers – Intro (Atlanta 1991)
02 (4:07) Racola Jam – Lookout For The Cookout (Houston 1991)
03 (3:46) Total Kaos – Man’s Best Friend (Florida 1993)
04 (5:21) C-Bo – The Autopsy (Sac ?)(1994)
05 (2:05) Gank D And Keys 108 – Welcome To The N.O (New Orleans 1995)
06 (4:44) Street Military – Another Hit (Texas 1992)
07 (5:11) Gank D And Keys 108 – Itchin To Shoot (New Orleans 1995)
08 (3:39) Xtra Large And E. Vicious – Jealous Ass Nigga (Remix)(Lousiana 1994)
09 (2:47) MCM And The Hype Crew – This Is Where I`m At (Atlanta 1994)
10 (5:15) 90 Mph – Weakness (Atlanta 1994)
11 (3:21) Choc-Lit-Sit-E – Choc-Lit-Life (Houston 1994)
12 (4:52) Tap, Ghost And Phobia – Damn Duckets (Tampa 1993)
13 (4:56) M-Team – Black By Popular Demand (Memphis 1991)
14 (3:00) Dan Prothero – Swing Thing (Instrumental)(Memphis 1993)
15 (3:23) Deuce – Dark Moon Over The Ghetto (New Orleans 1993)
16 (3:05) Funkghost – Starshine (Tampa 1999)
17 (7:01) Dj Wen – Sample Of What’s To Come In ’96 (Atlanta 1995)

I hope there are some new cuts in here for our readers and I really look forward to hearing what you all think!


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5 Responses to “Southern Series Volume 4 (1991-1999)”

  1. SOC4L says:

    nice comp! jus so u know c-bo isnt from the south

  2. dochiphop says:

    looks like a nice comp with some new stuff to my ears. Cant wait to hear it. To be more specific… Street Military is from Missouri City (they shout out "Mo city" frequently in their songs) which is a small city outside Houston. Thanx for the tunes as always!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    pleeeeeeeaaaase post ultra boogie highlife. the funkghost is the man or men or whatever the fuck, all i know is its funky as hell and i cant fin anywhere on the net to buy it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is rarity the only criteria for these mixes? Most of these songs aren't very good, just somewhat rare.

  5. Thun says:

    Since Schenectady Fan offered numerous reasons for including the songs he did, it's pretty safe to assume that he likes these songss, and doesn't simply recommend them on account of their rarity. Care to enlighten us on what makes these songs so undeniably mediocre to your ears?

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