Back To The Hip Hop 1992-2000

The title for the classic 2nd album from Main Source seems like a fitting place to start. This typifies how I’ve been feeling lately. Sometimes those recognized thresholds of negative stress drive a person beyond reason. Jobs, relationships, the economy, you name it. Things add up and drive mortals into trees. Whenever life spirals out of control though, I always return to my collection. Music grounds me, brings me back to what’s important in life. I love many forms of music but hip hop speaks to me most. I feel it in my bones. The range of expression is so deep it affects me like nothing else. Drugs, meditation, dementia, none of these compare to the spell cast by music. It is so much a part of me, and of my generation that I do not think I’ll ever ‘outgrow’ it. I see myself at 50 years old reaching for my Mass Influence and my Ray Luv. At 80 I’ll insist on my O.C. and my whiskey just like it was 1994.

Part of what draws me to hip hop is often a strong sense of place. Artists represent their cities, their neighborhoods, their communities. A sense of belonging, of home, of connection to your streets., the sky there, the taste of the air, is a large part of who we are. Being physically rooted is one of the most central aspects of human existence and hip hop recognizes this to the fullest. It’s no wonder then that blues in hip hop resonates so heavily. Turn this up and let the whole block hear if ya got it like that.


01 (4:37) Main Source – Fuck What You Think (New York 1994)
02 (5:52) Abstract Tribe Unique – Left Hand Side (Los Angeles 1998)
03 (3:32) The Militia – Militia Klick (New York 1994)
04 (4:32) Bro-N X – Who You Be (Radio) (New York 1994)
05 (2:53) 7 Miles – Da Fever (Ca 1995)
06 (4:21) Phelon – Word To God (Location & Year Unknown)
07 (3:26) Chunk – Dying Black Race (Ca 1992)
08 (5:13) K*squad – Dream On (Stuck En Da Mud) (New York 1994)
09 (4:39) Walkin’ Large – Who Will Go Down (…Times Like These) (Germany ? ) (1995)
10 (4:48) O.C. – Born 2 Live (New York 1994)
11 (3:14) Funkghost – Melodic Nectar (Tampa Fl 1999)
12 (4:18) Mass Influence – Under Pressure (Atlanta 2000)
13 (4:42) INI – Center of Attention (New York 1995)
14 (3:47) The Firm – Phone Tap (New York 1997)
15 (4:48) Ray Luv – Last Nite (Ca 1994)

This little compilation is one for the heart. It’s for putting on when you need to look out the window for some soul searching. I hope you like it as much as I do.


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