Touring The States: San Francisco, CA

First of all, I know there are numerous classic releases outta San Francisco. I’ve heard a lot of them, but this one I found randomly over the internet. My first reason to download this was (IMO) its excellent cover. I also desired to hear something that I haven’t heard about before as well as some very positive comments about this album. I also read many different comments about this album’s release year. Some wrote 1994, some 1997, but i found a clear cassete picture on the Great Scott discogs with 1997 marked on it, so if you know true story about the year of this release, feel free to tell me. Meanwhile, peep this release. It is a worthy download, believe me. You can always check samples down there.
Stay tuned, cause soon we will present you some more San Francisco goodness.

Great ScottSan Francisco Giant (1997)

01. Pier 49
02. Come Alive Feat. Spank Pops
03. Revolve Feat. J-Dog AKA Dr Doom
04. T.D.S. (True Dank Smokin’) Feat. Kelski
05. Dayz Like This
06. The Attack Feat. Spank Pops
07. Make Moves


— Markshot

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4 Responses to “Touring The States: San Francisco, CA”

  1. Gurped Out says:

    Great album its a hame it never came out on CD. Released by Ocean Floor records who put out L'Roneous-Imaginarium as well

  2. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Thanks for remiding me. I overlooked on that one but i know i remembered seeing that name on my copy of Haiku D'etat cd.


  3. Shaun D. aka Wicked says:

    Good shit postin up somethin from the Bay Area! I'm from here and yeah, it came out in '97. peace

  4. xcv xcv says:

    Thanks for posting this informative article

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