Best Of Westwood Radio Freestyles – Nas, Biggie, OC, Das Efx, Cam’Ron…

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“I’ve spent the last few weeks sorting through that dusty box of tapes that so many older Hip Hop heads have stashed away somewhere and have been digitizing the various treats I’ve come across.
As Hip Hop was scarce on English radio in the 90s, most of these tapes are recordings of Tim Westwood’s show on BBC Radio 1. Up until 1994, Westwood only broadcast in London and the surrounding area, first on pirate stations LWR and Kiss FM, and then legitimately on Capital FM.
A move to the BBC in 1994 gave him two 3 hour shows every week and meant that Hip Hop heads nationwide finally had the opportunity to hear first hand the exclusives and guest appearances that would make up Tim’s show. It often meant staying in on a Friday or Saturday night, but as some of these freestyles prove, it was worth it!
I was going to do a profile of Big Tim but then remembered that Stretch Armstrong gave him a mention on his blog a while back and I couldn’t think of a better person to rubber stamp Westwood’s contribution to Hip Hop radio.”

Stretch Armstrong, speaking on The Flavor Unit track ‘The Flavor Unit Assassination Squad’:
“Bobbito and I got hip to this record via the homie Tim Westwood in London who used to have what may have been the most progressive hip-hop show on earth in the late 80’s. Because he was free to operate outside of the beef that had split NYC rap radio in the late 80’s but also was very close to both Red and Marley (though closer to Marley who eventually would broadcast a version of In Control on his show in the UK), Tim would bless the airwaves with crazy exclusives and remixes, AND, influenced by his roots in 80’s Jamaican and UK dancehall, was the first, and perhaps only, hip-hop personality to get all the hot emcees to re-record their hits with his name in them, sound-clash style. Many in the UK complained that Tim didn’t support home-grown talent, but we sure didn’t care, ’cause we’d frequently hear shit from his tapes first, sometimes to never be heard anywhere else. I’d have to confirm it with Aaron Fuchs, but I believe Tuff City only released this record after we played it on KCR from a cassette from Westwood’s show.”

Akinyele & Sadat X (1996)

Cam’Ron (1998)

Das Efx (1995)

Masta Ace (1998)

Nas & De La Soul (1996)

Biggie Smalls & Craig Mack (1995)

OC (1994)

Snoop, Daz, & Kurupt (1994)


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