Munk Wit Da Funk – I Been Here I’m Stayin (CD 1995 w/bonus tracks) Philly

Munk Wit Da Funk is a rapper from Philadelphia, PA. He is mainly known for his independent 12″s released on Illadelph Records. What heads might not know is that in 1995, he released a rare 6-Track EP on CD titled “I Been Here I’m Stayin“. The first four tracks were from his previous 12″s, Cute Loot was taken from the Militant Mind State Bottom – Line / Cute Loot 12″, and Life of Luxury was exclusive to the EP. Two tracks that weren’t included on the CD are Glamour, Fortune, & Fame and Shadows. It is odd how they weren’t included since they are both from 1995. I included those below as bonus tracks. Munk also recorded a video for his “classic” track I Blame My Neighborhood. This cd is so dope that I have no idea how Munk never really made a name for himself… Here’s my cd rip(with front & back artwork), enjoy!

1 I Blame My Neighborhood
2 I Been Here I’m Stayin
3 Exersize
4 I Blame My Neighborhood (Hill Top Re-Mix)
5 Cute Loot
6 Life of Luxury


Bonus Tracks (Not on CD)
Munk Wit Da Funk – Glamour, Fortune, and Fame

Munk Wit Da Funk – Shadows (Terrorist Re-Mix)

— Thomas V

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4 Responses to “Munk Wit Da Funk – I Been Here I’m Stayin (CD 1995 w/bonus tracks) Philly”

  1. Andyman187 says:

    I wish he did an album. Been Here I'm Stayin & Exercize are my 2 joints! Thanks for the other 2 joints!

  2. Gloss says:

    Far from a dope lyricist but he had some really good tracks when you think about it. Been Here I'm Saying was all because of the sample used though.

  3. Andyman187 says:

    Same sample used for Kice Of Course's – Miracles that dropped on that MURS CD/DVD a few years back. Dude had a good flow, good to see him getting some shine!

  4. ral278 says:

    the "life of luxury" track is also available on vinyl. it just got renamed into "money" and released as pic-cover-twelve on illadelph label.

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