The Graveyards – Lonely Seed 1995-96

A few weeks ago, I picked up some vinyls from an Ebay seller. One of them was “The Graveyard – Lonely Seed”. It seemed really random, but for a few bucks I didn’t mind adding it to my collection. With no background information on it, I had no idea how it sounded like. When I received it, I immediately listened to it. It sounded Outkast-ish so I believed that it must have been something from the South. With a little internet research, I only found one thing related to the song… the video. I asked the youtube uploader if he had some information on it and guess what… He was the producer of the video. It gets interesting; check out the message he sent me:

“I was the producer of the video. In 95/96 Gza asked me to work with him as he tried his hand at Directing. His album “Beaneath the Surface” just came out and after this we made “Crash your Crew” video. The Graveyards was a group out of Miami whom wanted Gza and the Wu Tang to work with them. They had been reachin gout to him and this is when he called me in to facilitate the video which you see. Unfortunately this is a vhs version taped on to mini dv so it doesn;t do it justice. And finally Shyheim is in the video along with UGod and Capadonna in the poker scene.”

“Technically I believe it was 1995. As Gza’s producer, we worked on Gza “Crash your Crew” with ODB, SWV/Redman’s “Lose my Cool”, GZA/Muggs “Third World” and Killah Priest’s “Cross my Heart”
I directed Teflon’s “Get Mine”, Sunz of Man “The Plan” and Wu Syndicate’s “Weary Eyes”.

A1. The Graveyards – Lonely Seed (LP Version)
B1. The Graveyards – Lonely Seed (Instrumental)
B2. The Graveyards – Lonely Seed (Acapella)


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— Thomas V

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