Sounds Like The 90s Volume 5 (REUPPED)

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Better late than never, right? A few of you finally caught on but not up with our Sounds Like The 90’s mixtapes so definitely check ’em all out and get acquainted while supplies last.

Volume 5 starts off with the first of 5 exclusives ONLY found here on T.R.O.Y. with the newest Kurious Jorge single “Benneton” featuring MC Serch & MF Doom. We debuted the video a few weeks back on Steady Bloggin’ but nobody has the full mp3 version featuring the DOOM verse until now! Be on the look out for K-Jorge’s new album II dropping sooner than you think on Amalgam Digital.

Making his third consecutive appearance on Sounds Like The 90’s is Superstar Quamallah
and after you listen to “
You Need Knowledge” you’ll understand just why. I’ve had the pleasure of checking out the new album Invisible Man and for all those in need of that 90’s sound, look no further come May 19th when it officially drops.

DJ Jazzy Jeff recently dropped a compilation of all his favs and this one just stood out so I felt despite it being record in the 90’s this is an exception because Jeff did something exceptional to the Biggie classic.

The next few tracks are fairly new and have appeared on other blogs that focus on current music, but for those who don’t keep tabs daily, I thought I’d throw on the ones that best capture the vibe we go for on Sounds Like The 90’s. Is anyone really upset at hearing new Camp Lo-Wah? Didn’t think so.

Over the past few months I’ve been asked how come I haven’t shown enough Philly love on these, so this time I brought the homie Reef The Lost Cauze along and another T.R.O.Y. exclusive by one of the most slept-on Philly lyricists, Maylay Sparks (aka Rahsheed). It made sense since both Maylay and L.G. are fam that we repped them on volume 5. For those who aren’t hip to what L.G. has done get hip by clicking on this.

On volume 4 we dropped Heat” by Finale but after we got our hands one the NES-sounding “One Man Show (Remix)” featuring Casual we just knew it was a perfect fit. Check out your future top 5 album of the year “A Pipe Dream And A Promise” at a store nearest store.

Many of us ask, myself included, what’s up with Breezly Brewin? For years we’ve all been waiting for him to drop that solo. I remember back in ‘96 when Clear Blue Skies dropped and then skip to ‘02 how I was in Fat Beats actually picking up the re-release on wax and none other than Breezly Brewin himself was workin’ the register. I just couldn’t understand it. Certainly a guy with that much talent shouldn’t be behind any register let alone one at Fat Beats. Let’s all hope 2009 is his year because many of us are still pulling for the homie.

That said enjoy two guest features by Brewin, one of which is the new single by Tame One featuring Aesop Rock and the production of Parallel Thought. The debuted on Steady Bloggin’ as well as others back in April, but this is the mastered track from Acid Tab Vocab dropping June 23rd on Amalgam Digital.

Godamus Rhyme is a name you soon will know. If you’re a regular on Philaflava than you already know him, but for the rest of the blogosphere it’s only a matter of time. Later this summer we’ll be debuting a T.R.O.Y. collabo with him titled “Classically Trained.” The T.R.O.Y. staff threw out some of our 90’s favorites for Godamus to tackle and if “One Love 2009” is any indication of how the outcome will be, I’m pretty sure everyone will be ecstatic. If you wanna check out Godamus take on The Beatnuts’ “Let Off A Couple” then click here.

Closing things out we got a few new tracks by Damu The Fudgemunk, Tanya Morgan and the latest off of the new Raekwon mixtape Blood on the Chef’s Apron.

Don’t forget about Philaflava radio where you can stream many of the tracks you find on this site and Steady Bloggin 24/7 for your surfing pleasures. Peace –Philaflava

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Sounds Like The 90s Volume 5

01. Kurious – Benneton feat. MC Search & DOOM*
02. Superstar Quamallah – You Need Knowledge
03. Notorious B.I.G. – Kick In The Door (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix)
04. Camp Lo – On Smash feat. Styles P & Pete Rock
05. Method Man & Redman – 4 Minutes To Lockdown feat. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah
06. Torae & Marco Polo – But Wait
07. Reef The Lost Cauze – Big Deal (Remix) feat. Brother Ali
08. Finale – One Man Show (Remix) feat. Casual
09. Big Tone – Broken Logos feat. Breezly Brewin
10. Tame One – Molly feat. Breezly Brewin & Aesop Rock
11. People Under The Stairs – Yield
12. Godamus Rhyme – One Love 2009
13. Maylay Sparks – Mo Beer (LG Remix) feat. J-Ro
14. Damu The Fudgemunk – The Bright Side
15. Tanya Morgan – Morgan Blu feat. Blu
16. O.C & A.G. – Time Travel
17. Raekwon – Whips & Kicks feat. AZ

* T.R.O.Y. exclusives

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