10 Responses to “Triple Crown Classic (Ohio Hip Hop)”

  1. The Unheard says:

    Didn't know my home state actually had this much skill! Thanks!

  2. Jaz says:

    Oh dope DJ Pos 2 is good peoples, he e-mailed after I did a DJ PRZM tribute at my blog, dope compilation here.

  3. Antonio says:

    Brian Digby was on DJ Hi-Tek Hi-Teknology. The song was the excellent Suddenly (the beat is fire!).

  4. Anonymous says:

    damn Pos you always been the man as fars as mixtapes and archivin this is awesome thanx for including me bru!

  5. Marlon says:

    need..brothers of the struggle "ready rock"

  6. Jukie The Gawd says:

    Sick mix glad u posted it on the weightless forums. funny thing i googled bagadonuts and it brought me here after i already had this mix from the forums.

  7. Jukie The Gawd says:

    But we feel u could've included ill Po or King solomon and called it the quad crown classic(Reppin Dayton). MCs who both moved to the natti to get move exposure

  8. mc somora says:

    check my music out at myspace mc somora im still trying to get on youll be impressed for a white boy listen too bullet and snype hit me up

  9. DJ Johnny'O says:

    That's was'up! much luv to the artists of OHIO. Check out ourMp3 pool at: http://www.nervedjs.com
    DJ Johnny'O

  10. Lee Scott says:

    Does anybody still have the link to this? Someone needs to hunt down Andrew Bagadonuts and do a compilation of his shit, the guy is hilarious. Spitball!!!! RIP PRZM.

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