DJ 3rd Rail – Gang Starr Megamix

DJ 3rd Rail is one of the dopest hip hop DJs to ever come out of Chicago. In the late 90s, he released a classic Gang Starr Foundation mixtape. Here is the tape rip. Make sure to check out the audio samples!

Side A
1. Alongwaytogo
2. Lovesick
3. To Be A Champion
4. Positivity
5. Suckas Need Bodyguards
6. 2 Deep
7. Mass Appeal
8. Credit Is Due
9. Step In The Arena
10. I’m The Man

Side B
1. Speak Ya Clout
2. You Know My Steez
3. Up Against The Wall
4. Da Bitchez
5. Total Wreck
6. Take It Personal
7. Dwyck
8. Paper Thin
9. Doe In Advance
10. So Wassup
11. Not Your Average


Side A

Side B

Download both sides in one mediafire folder:

–Roy Johnson

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