Gang Starr – Non-Album Tracks Volume 7

Here is the final installment of the Gang Starr Non-Album Tracks Series. What we have here is a phenomenal soundboard recording from a ’98 show that they did in Amsterdam. As far as I know, Gang Starr doesn’t have any other live bootlegs in circulation, which is a god damn shame. Grateful Dead got like 20,000 of ’em, but we only get one from a legendary hip hop act like Gang Starr? What a crock of shit, huh? Anyway, enjoy the concert, and make sure to check for all of the previous volumes.

Gang Starr – Non-Album Tracks Volume 7
1. DJ Premier In Deep Concentration
2. Manifest
3. No More Mr. Nice Guy
4. Code Of The Streets
5. Code Of The Streets (Continued)
6. Work
7. Royalty
8. Above The Clouds
9. The Militia
10. Crush
11. F.A.L.A.
12. Just To Get A Rep
13. Take It Personal
14. Dwyck


DJ Premier In Deep Concentration


No More Mr. Nice Guy

–Roy Johnson

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7 Responses to “Gang Starr – Non-Album Tracks Volume 7”

  1. Anonymous says:

    mediafire said the link was dead

  2. verge says:

    Works fine for me. Give it another shot and if it don't work, I'll upload it to a different sharer for you.
    Anybody else having problems, let us know.
    BTW-This looks great, Roy. I'm definitely gonna check this tonight.

  3. PWS says:

    Link works for me.
    I also have live sets of Gang Starr from Lowerlands and Warsaw.

  4. Roy Johnson says:


    Thanks for checking in. What years are those concerts from? Is there anyway that you can upload 'em?

  5. PWS says:

    I'll check this weekend and post back. I have them backed up somewhere.

  6. Roy Johnson says:

    Thanks, man! I look forward to checking these out.

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