Space Is The Place w/ Kool Keith, DJ Qbert, Mixmaster Mike, etc

When I set out to make a space-related compilation, I knew that it was gonna be some crazy shit by default, but this may very well be one of the dopest compilations that I’ve ever put together. It took me months to research, accumulate, and isolate all of the audio for this project. I tried to limit this to 100MB, but I accumulated close to 250 MB worth of space-related tracks, so I’ll probably make a second volume at some point. If you have any recommendations, please drop me a line in the comments section.

Space Is The Place Volume 1
1. Mf Doom – Arabic Gum Intro (Instrumental)
2. Ultramagnetic MCs – Kool Keith Model Android #406
3. DJ Qbert – Destination Quasar
4. DJ Z-Trip – Black Hole
5. Mixmaster Mike – Solar Panel: Audio Mass
6. Kool Keith – Bitin’ My Space Shit (Interlude)
7. Kool Keith & DJ Spooky – Object Unknown (Remix)
8. MF Doom – Star Anis (Instrumental)
9. DJ Qbert – Inner Space Dental Commander
10. EL-P – Iron Galaxy (Instrumental)
11. Akbar – Space Odyssey
12. DJ Qbert – Cosmic Assassins
13. Mixmaster Mike – Cosmic Rays
14. D-Styles & D-Flare – Who Killed Two Pac!
15. Sir Menelik & Kool Keith – Space Cadillac
16. DJ Qbert – Invaders From The Planet Scratch
17. D-Styles & D-Flare – Spacecamp Massacre
18. Mixmaster Mike – Astronaut
19. Quasimoto – Astronaut
20. D-Styles & DJ Qbert – Return To Planetary Deterioration
21. EL-P – Deep Space 9mm (Instrumental)
22. Chief Xcel – Fully Charged Outro (Instrumental)
23. Hidden Track


DJ Qbert – Destination Quasar

DJ Z-Trip – Black Hole

Kool Keith & DJ Spooky – Object Unknown (Remix)

DJ Qbert – Inner Space Dental Commander

EL-P – Iron Galaxy (Instrumental)

Akbar – Space Odyssey

Mixmaster Mike – Cosmic Rays

D-Styles & D-Flare – Spacecamp Massacre

Quasimoto – Astronaut

Chief Xcel – Fully Charged Instrumental Outro

–Roy Johnson

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14 Responses to “Space Is The Place w/ Kool Keith, DJ Qbert, Mixmaster Mike, etc”

  1. Anonymous says:

    yo looks like a nice comp, but how could u not have anything from Deltron 3030 when you're making a comp about space?

  2. Anonymous says:

    and here's some other recommendations: "Space Age Pimpin'" by 8-ball & MJG, "Prototype" by Andre 3000, pick some joints from Outkast's ATLiens

  3. Roy Johnson says:

    I'm not really a fan of the Deltron 3030 album, although I love Del's early-to-mid 90s stuff.

    8Ball & MJG could never fit in on something like this. As far as Outkast is concerned, you might want to check the hidden track.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave some comments, though.

  4. ral278 says:

    cannibal ox – cosmos
    some dj krush material
    dj hype ft souls of mischief: Ubiquitous
    horeson jae & ed skizzahandz: translation regulation
    centa of da web: outer regions
    cheerz; ral

  5. Fredo/DK says:

    Thanks. Looks very interesting !!

  6. Blacktop says:

    Can you re-up this? The Mediafire link isn't working and I'd really like to check out some of the Kool Keith tracks on this.

  7. T.R.O.Y. says:

    @Blacktop- The link is working fine for me, give it another try. If you're still having problems, we'll up it on another sharer for you.

  8. Justin M says:

    I like the Kool Keith tracks of course, but I do have feeling that this comp was made by just by google "space" in hip hop tracks. I expected more from TROY … sorry.

  9. Blacktop says:

    Thanks Verge,
    Just tried it again and the link is working. Musta been my browser or something.

  10. rechade says:

    Babbletron: Space Tech Banana clip

    Hardcore bizarre sci-fi, MF Doom on beats.

  11. Roy Johnson says:


    Damn near all of the tracks that you're seeing on volume 1 are from artists that I listen to on a regular basis. You don't have to be an expert to pinpoint space-related tracks from the likes of Kool Keith, DJ Qbert, Mixmaster Mike, D-Styles, EL-P, MF Doom, Madlib, etc. Most of my time was spent researching tracks that I'd never heard before (the overwhelming majority of which were excluded from volume 1). Yes, I used discogs as a resource, but anybody with half a brain would have done the same. Who is gonna remember all of this shit off the top of their head? I can't even remember last week, son.

  12. Thun says:

    Who gives a flying motherfucking fuck whether or not google, discogs, or Windows Vista search drive was used to gather songs together or find titles?

  13. backflash999 says:

    just to let you know, the MMMike "cosmic rays" is actually Qbert "bits and pieces remix" (coldcut).

  14. Matthew says:

    Man, y'all some critical-ass motherfuckers up in here. I think this comp is AWESOME!
    Thank you very much for some great space jams.
    Sure I many of us already have lots of these tracks, but big fucking deal… It's nice to get them in one spot.
    This fresh!

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