Recap 4/19/09 -4/25/09

It Takes Anonymous Trolls To Call Us Wack

Gang Starr Month; Stop Frontin’
What We Do
Best Of VLS Vol. 5: “Clouds Of Smoke” – We don’t endorse weed-addled buffoonery but dope music is dope music.
Kwame – A Day In The Life: The Polkadelic Adventure (1990)Today’s blog rappers wish they had this much swag and/or flow.
Yazoo “Situation” – Rap been jackin’ pop for beats, and here’s the proof.
East Coast 12 Inch Rarities Volume 3 – You don’t have this. But now you do.
Touring The States: Forestville, MD – G-Funk from immediately below the Mason-Dixon.
Various Artists: On The Down Low (New York, 1995) – Any compilation featuring Pretty Tone Capone and Preacher Earl is worth a download, innit?



5 Responses to “Recap 4/19/09 -4/25/09”

  1. Thun says:

    Oh my god, you're right. Thanks for helping us see the light.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jason you are the leader of the wannabe HipHop internet fakes. If I wasn't addressing something that you are, you would not feel as if you need to know or attack me back. Plain and simple truth. Before the internet, you were totally out of touch with hip hop, and you still are but you think you are hip hop with all of the hip hop your money has bought you, and now will e-war with anybody online who exposes your phoniness. When I see you, you will know who I am. Till then, delete away and run from the truth. You can run, but it won't help you. Even people who act like your friends here email me all the time about what a bitch you, and your close friends here, are.

    But really though, it doesn't matter how much you bring wannabe internet non-djs together here with all of the free music, and it doesn't matter if a lot of that music is good like it should be, because the cream rises to the top like it's supposed to. You don't get props for that, mostly because the internet is free. But when you claim to be all this and all that, point to your bitch-made ass forum and bitch-made blog, and then put up bullshit like that horrendous Sounds Like the 90's comp, as if it is anything closely related to the good stuff on here, you expose yourself as a phony.

  3. Thun says:

    Oh, okay.

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow, what a jackass. who gives a fuck what this guy thinks ?

    carry on, carry on.

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