Various Artists – On The Down Low (New York 1995)

This is a very dope cd I picked up awhile ago called ‘On The Down Low’. It was recorded at House Of Hits, which I think is in New York. It was put out in 1995. All of the artists are from New York to my knowledge. A few of them I know other tracks from like Pretty Tone Capone and Preacher Earl. Pretty Tone Capone had some earlier releases too that are worth finding if you are not familiar with him.

The 1st is Case Dismissed / Kidnapped (1992)
The 2nd is Across 110th St. / Sexy / Marked 4 Death (1993)

Anyway, back to this particular release. I know our readers are fans of that timeless mid 90’s boom bap and this cd is an unrecognized gem. What an amazing score for less than 3 dollars. In terms of content and temperament, I could probably compare the music here to the early lyricist lounge tapes from 1992-1997. I’m a sucker for these sorts of compilations and ‘On The Down Low’ hits like a champ. There are 2 r&b tracks on here, numbers 4 and 8. Given the strength of the other 10 selections, a couple of r&b tracks are excusable foul balls.

Here’s the link and the tracklist —

01 (04:43) five & five – keys & g’s
02 (04:26) big ds – keep it ill
03 (03:50) t-r-y-a-d-z – tryadz
04 (04:15) brown sugar – dreamin’
05 (05:32) xtra pleza – warpath
06 (03:37) kay superior – focus
07 (04:00) pretty tone capone – g-spot
08 (05:07) maurice – let me fix you
09 (04:21) gorilla l – on & on
10 (03:02) preacher earl & the ministry – 14 floors to the lobby
11 (04:30) phorced n’ tre – the newcomer
12 (05:13) dem nigs – many styles


Mixed by Evah Gorman, Norman Bullard, Kenny Ferracho, Sack Entertainment, Hitmen Productions, The Phathedz, Larue Cheatham, Soundwave Productions, and Ron Bowen.

I dont think many of these tracks appear anywhere else. Hit me up with some comments if you like this cd and I’ll work hard to post more in the same vein.


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