Touring The States: Forestville, MD

ChinkCapers (1995)

This dope MC is coming out of Forestville, Maryland. For a foreigner like me, the only thing that reminds me on Maryland is the Homicide series. I remember talking with friends and wondering about how rap from states and cities, besides NY, LA, NJ, Chicago, or Boston might sound. In the era of super fast internet we can download and search about it within seconds. This is the main point of starting Touring The States series – to present you with some good albums, some great albums, some classic albums, and albums that simple have a great vibe. It might happen that there are better albums out there, but undoubtedly the albums that we serve to you are 100% enjoyable if your ears are open for some music from outside NY and LA. This album by Chink is one of them. Though it is short, it is a must have in your collection. I don’t know much about him, so as I always say, if you have some more info, feel free to tell us. Thanks.


01. Executioner
02. Nine Millimeter
03. Recognize
04. Another Day
05. Capers
06. Nine Millimeter (Radio Edit)
07. Capers (Radio Edit)

Listen to some samples which will ensure that you download this:

Download Here With Cover Pictures

— Markshot

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17 Responses to “Touring The States: Forestville, MD”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How are those samples supposed to make us download that? That stuff sounds extremely wick weak wack.

  2. verge says:

    C'mon, man. If you like it, download it. If you don't, then don't. I personally don't prefer that particular 'gangsta' style of music myself, but there has been a pretty decent audience for it. I don't think this is THAT bad, anyways.

  3. jwhitfield says:

    Nope, not troyworthy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks jwhitfield. It's funny how a lot of you Phila-toyass wannabes love to act like you are real when you are not even close to being original and/or genuine in your act. For example, whoever put that Like The 90's bullshit comp together and whoever put it up here, they should be dismissed. That bullshit was a damn sham. Straight up phony. Maybe one or two of you are anything close to original or genuine Dj's and/or respectable ears. The majority of you are not anything other than internet-age wannabe ass toys, biters and suckers. That goes for all of you who never had a real music collection before the internet and never had hardly any wax. Yeah you too Roy Johnson. You can't hide your fakeness behind the computer.

  5. Thun says:

    There's nothing more "original," "real" and "genuine" than posting anonymously as a troll. Really.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well, I must have been talking about you, or you wouldn't have responded. Right?

  7. Thun says:

    Wrong. You're just a mindless troll, worthy of the same criticism as any other troll. Nice attempt at adult logic, but you failed. Now back to the children's table you go.

  8. backdafuckup says:

    oj suckaz try to put something rare and good I am talking not only about this release and this kinda gangsta style . all u can put on troy is one years old stuff with no rare sign and u can talk here how wack is this album is. grow up mentaly , this blog living not for few of troy people but for all, down with that or get a fuck outta here and keep quiet! peace

  9. Kimani17 says:

    Why the fuck would someone hate on Roy Johnson?!?!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Eye iz teh ghey :roper:! Dat iz Y eye hatez awn yoo.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Kimani, Roy Johnson got dissed because he asked for it. All of you Phila leeches and wannabe Dj's: post pics of your wax collections. Let's see your offline work. The vast majority of you have NO real offline work history in HipHop, because you're just online e-era diggers. If you weren't, you wouldn't have asked for it!

  12. Philaflava says:

    I'm pretty certain that "anonymous" is full of shit. If he was so proud of his offline accomplishments he'd have a name to go with his claims.

    I'm also pretty certain he is fairly uneducated and possibly from a 3rd world country.

    Oh, I'm also even more certain that my entire music collection would give him reason to commit suicide. Yes, it's that nice. And if you had functional brain cells you'd know that almost all of us got it like that. You want pics, go to the TROY forum and see yourself.

    But until you come with a name, a site, or email don't make any silly claims. Moving forward "anonymous" bullshit will just get deleted and you won't have a say. You wanna do this, you do it with a pair of balls.

  13. Roy Johnson says:

    "You're biters and/or suckers with no genuine and/or original style to call your own".

    What up, AC? That and/or shit is a dead giveaway, bruh.

  14. K-Funk says:

    ayo Schenectady, remember when this shit appeared on ebay? we were like "whooaaa" not because it was so damn rare, not because it was so expensive and it was because of the sound of it. if any of this cats round here are saying that "Anotha day" is bullshiiiiiiit then you are out of your fucking minds! when i got my hands on this tape i was bumpin it for weeks on & on + i was addicted to that "Anotha day" track. stop listening to all the crunk shit you fags. east, west,north,south (90s era) it's all hiphop!

    big up tom!

  15. Cenzi Stiles says:

    anyone else the graphic similarity to Chino XL?

    HE sounds ALOT like Big Mike, its good stuff!

  16. verge says:

    @ Cenzi Stiles- Yeah, man, I said the same thing about the logo resembling Chino Xl's when I saw this in the drafts for the blog. Just change that K to an O and add the XL and it's pretty much a match.Lol. Their styles probably couldn't be more different though.

  17. Veronica says:

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