New Jersey Underground Part 5 (1991-1997)

It’s with a certain amount of sadness that I post this batch of Jersey tracks today. In light of his recent death, Tony D’s beats bring out the nostalgia in me. Many of his beats were classic and remind me of my own personal glory days back in the early/mid 90’s. Ah. to be young, sprung and hip again. To this day, there exists a large archive of unreleased material produced by the 16-stone Italian stallion. Perhaps one of the small contemporary labels putting out unreleased music from the golden era can arrange to give proper treatment and exposure to this undiscovered treasure trove. Tracks produced by Tony include numbers 1,2,3,5,6,(I think), 8.9.10, and 13. What we have here is mostly Trenton material, but some artists are from Jersey City, Newark, and Camden too.


01 (04:03) blaque prince – watch black bake em (trenton 1991)
02 (03:40) blvd. mosse – hit em wit da 1,2 (trenton 1993)
03 (04:47) s.b.t. – in the heart (trenton 1993)
04 (04:16) the 45 king – east coast anthem (jersey city 1995)
05 (03:41) black prince and aziatic roger – r nation (jersey city 1992)
06 (04:51) la law – i got this (trenton 1993)
07 (02:58) black star – stompin’ ground (edit) (trenton 1992)(no, not the other black star)
08 (03:57) mark swift – it is done (trenton 1993)
09 (04:49) baby chill – forecast is rain (trenton 1993)
10 (04:24) b fyne – sheriff (trenton 1994)
11 (04:39) almighty & kd ranks – lyrics in a this (trenton 1991)
12 (04:00) mad fanatic – massacre (from seattle, but gives a shout to nj 1995)
13 (04:16) baby chill – ducks (trenton 1993)
14 (03:28) technical – stress (newark 1997)
15 (03:42) corrupt empire – jersey get yours (camden 1996)
16 (02:35) strong peoples coalition – it ain’t safe (jersey city 1997)
17 (04:24) m.a.d. – parole (camden 1996)
18 (03:23) half a mill – any day can be ya last (ny ? 1997)
19 (04:21) all knew program – warface: the sequel [jersey city 1997)
20 (05:10) soul survivors – we rock the mic (newark 1995)

I hope most of the tracks in this latest batch are new to readers of T.R.O.Y. Some of them are way below the radar and I think you will discover more than a few previously unheard gems this time around!


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7 Responses to “New Jersey Underground Part 5 (1991-1997)”

  1. thomasv says:

    Great Compilation as usual ,Schenectadyfan! I have never hear most of the tracks posted so i will be more than happy to take a listen!

    yea… half-a-mil is from brooklyn, ny. Also the track is from '94 not '97.

  2. verge says:

    Lots of bangers on this one. I downloaded and listened before I even read your intro for it. I knew Tony D must have done a good amount of these beats. Dope.
    The cut that caught my ear most was Mad Fanatic-Massacre. The Baby Chill tracks and the Blvd. Mosse, shit most of these cuts are dope. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    10 (04:24) b fyne – sheriff (trenton 1994)
    this track is bby blaque spurm. sum sick ttracks. lates

  4. Jaz says:

    This is your best New Jerz comp yet, loved all of this but especially those Baby Chill joints and I can't wait to hear the album, you are a digging king Schenectadyfan

  5. Sean G. says:

    Dope comp. A couple of corrections. Baby Chill (RIP) & B Fyne (aka Bobbie Fine) are from Hightstown. And track 13 is called Footprints, not Ducks. I used to have a copy of his demo, but unfortunately lost it a long time ago. Loving these Jersey comps. Please keep them coming.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought Mad Fanatic was from the the northwest…

  7. Ernandes says:

    You can get this mp3 in instrumental version?
    blvd. mosse ā€“ hit em wit da 1,2

  8. Ernandes says:

    You can get this mp3 in instrumental version?
    blvd. mosse ā€“ hit em wit da 1,2

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