Gang Starr – The VHS Video Collection

After recently hitting readers up with Gang Starr’s DVD Video Collection, the T.RO.Y. Blog is proud to present you, with the quickness, the rare missing Gang Starr Videos from the original DVD Collection post. Friendly reader The Big Sleep(Big L Rarities/Affliates Blog) & T.R.O.Y. forum’s Icon(His First Post) were kind enough to bring us hi-quality VHS rips from the remaining missing videos(except one) in a really short time(Only Few Hours After The Post)! The only video that remains missing in hi-quality is “Gotta Get Over“. You can find it on youtube but the video is not in sync and in really bad quality… Again, if you have it feel free to send us a comment.


Words I Manifest (1989)

Positivity (1989)

Jazz Thing (1990)

Who’s Gonna Take The Weight (1990)

Love Sick

Take A Rest (1991)

Gotta Get Over (1992) – Unavailable

Suckas Need Bodyguard (1994)


— Thomas V

Note: If you have some problems watching the videos, it might be because of codec problems. Visit Free-Codecs.com for more information. You can also try using a new media player like Media Player Classic or VLC.

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7 Responses to “Gang Starr – The VHS Video Collection”

  1. Distrakt says:


  2. The Big Sleep says:

    The song Words I Manifest is from '89 of course, however, the video first aired in '92 according to all the sources that I've read, which is why I titled/labeled it as I did. Jazz Thing was done earlier, in October of '90 apparently.

    Either way, thanks for the props and linkage. This friendly reader/forums member is always down for the cause and I'll keep tryin' to help out whenever possible. Peace.

  3. thomasv says:

    @Big Sleep I'm not sure. Some people in the "Where Were You When You First Heard A Gang Starr Track" post mentioned that they had seen the video in '89. Look:

    "1989. I was hanging out at my friend's house watching videos on 'The Box' when the Manifest video came on…" Vincent Lopez

    "Words that I manifest, 1989, I saw this on videotape because my g-parents refused to get cable, so my uncle's friend used to record Yo! MTV Raps for us." Andrew Fly

    "Rochester, NY. Circa 1989-90. Rap City with Da Mayor…"Manifest" video and the whole Malcolm X motif…classic HIPHOP, dubbed the whole tape from my man when it came out. PEACE"

  4. T.R.O.Y. says:

    The Video for "Take A Rest" is now added to the post. Thanks Illest!

  5. The Big Sleep says:

    Huh, yeah I was wondering why everybody (and file) I checked says '92 because it didn't make sense to me either.

    Well then my excuse for the mislabeling is that I was stupidly following everyone else's ignorance. That's what I get for trusting the internet rather than what I thought.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just to let you know the love sick video is corrupt and only plays the first few seconds. It also has a very weird aspect ratio.

  7. thomasv says:

    @anonymous… nobody had a problem downloading the videos. I guess that the problem comes from your side, try re-downloading it… or you might have to download that media player classic application…

    I agree with you on the aspect ratio, it's definitely the rip with the "worst" quality but it's still better than a youtube rip!

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