Gang Starr – The Video Collection (DVDRIP)

Product Description
This DVD is the definitive video history of one of Hip Hop’s most classic groups. Fourteen videos capturing Gang Starr at its best with each dating from the early 1990s up to the year 2000. These guys helped pioneer the NYC Hip Hop sound, so now the imagery that went along with that can finally be seen together all in one great compilation. Features videos for: Dwyck, Take It Personal, Just to Get a Rep, Ex Girl to the Next Girl, Step in the Arena, You Know My Steez, Full Clip, Mass Appeal, Discipline, Royalty, Rite Where U Stand, Nice Girl, Wrong Place, Skills, and Same Team No Games.

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“A Must Have For Any Hip Hop Head Anywhere” DJ Doo Wop

“This Collection Represents One Of The Greatest Eras In Hip Hop And Sparks All Kinds Of Powerful Memories” The Source Magazine

— Thomas V

Note: Rare Gang Starr videos such as Word That I Manifest, Positivity, Who’s Gonna Take The Weight, Love Sick, and Suckas Need Bodyguards were not included in this DVD release. If you own a hi-quality VHS rip of one of the videos, feel free to send it to us at our e-mail address or by simply leaving a comment.

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