Original Flavor

Original Flavor-All That (LP Version) (1993)
Original Flavor-All That (Hard Beats Mix) (1993)

If there was one track that could define my short-lived relationship in the 9th grade it’s gotta be this. For a group that had a rather lethargic rap career, Original Flavor had some decent cuts.

Made up of T-Strong, Chubby Chubb and legendary producer Ski. They dropped their debut This Is How It Is in 1992 with the help of then manager, Damon Dash and DJ Clark Kent. The album came and went with the quickness and was recently reissued by Traffic Entertainment, but it doesn’t come close to Beyond Flavor, which I consider to be a guilty pleasure.

Flavor‘s sophomore release Beyond Flavor was released the following summer (93) and by the fall it could have been found at your local mom & pop’s dollar bin. But that doesn’t mean the album didn’t have some gems. We all know the lead single “Can I Get Open” features Jay-Z in pre-Hova form but my personal favorites happen to be “Hit,” “Keep On (Searching)” and of course “All That.”

Don’t get it twisted, Original Flavor were by no means lyrically lyrical. Their albums displayed forgettable verses backed by Ski beats but there’s plenty here worthy of your attention. For those who never gave “Beyond Flavor” a shot, well here your chance. Enjoy or don’t enjoy, quite frankly who gives a fuck it’s free! –Philaflava

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Original Flavor – Beyond Flavor

1 Intro (0:54)
2 Can I Get Open (3:09)
Featuring – Jay-Z
3 Beyond Flavor (0:14)
Scratches – DJ Chubby Chub
4 Old School Skit (4:29)
5 Watchawant (4:25)
6 Stick It Where The Sun Don’t Shine (4:25)
7 Blowin’ Up The Spot (2:48)
8 Hit (3:22)
9 Nigga Code (3:34)
Featuring – Clark Kent , Damon Dash
10 Many Styles (3:37)
Featuring – Freshco , Jay-Z
11 All That (4:10)
Scratches – DJ Chubby Chub
Vocals – Michelle Mitchell
12 Shut Up And Manage (1:01)
Featuring – Damon Dash
13 Here We Go (Fuck It Up!) (3:36)
14 Keep On (Searching) (3:54)
15 Shout Outs (2:22)

Shout to Jaz for the remix.

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