Touring The States: Chicago, IL

Black Mob – Street Hitz Funk
Gangsta rap from Chicago? I couldn’t believe when I first heard this album that this group is coming out of Chicago. My first thoughts were that they must be from the Bay Area or some Western State. There wasn’t too much info about them that I could find, except some tidbits regarding production. The back cover says this album was produced by Soundmaster T and co-produced by Delle Del. These names don’t mean a lot to me, cause this is the first I have ever heard of them. But this album is tight.
Pretty much whole album is savory. Almost all of beats are smooth and pretty much listenable with one or two hard cuts. While searching through the internet I have seen many many comments giving this album “classic” title. I think “classic” is a bit of an overstatement and might reflect a bias towards gangsta rap. Obviously it would not be useful to compare the album to the styles of Common Sense, All Natural, No I.D. etc. because this is real g-shit, so you’ll have to assess it in its own context on your own. So, download it, listen to it from the first to the last second, give it a rating as you see fit, but one thing is certain: this album won’t sound downright wack to anyone. Let us know what you think after a solid listen. Cheers.

Black Mob – Street Hitz Funk

01. Intro
02. Comin Right At Cha
03. Sick Of This Shit
04. Interlude
05. U Lover
06. Yall Don’t Know Me
07. Interlude
08. 69
09. What A Friend
10. Street Hit Funk
11. Gangster Shit
12. Interlude
13. I Don’t Need A Gun
14. Sick Of This Shit Remix
15. Thank You

Peep some samples:


— Markshot
Editor’s note: Markshot is the hip hop Alexis De Tocqueville, a European figuratively traveling the vast American landscape in search of the illest unsung rappers from the cities you least expected. Click here to follow his “Touring The States” series.

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5 Responses to “Touring The States: Chicago, IL”

  1. Beneficial says:

    there was much better hiphop out at the time in the chi. only good verse on this is the first one..by D.A. Smart

  2. miketyson says:

    yeah its not the best from chicago, but still dope

  3. T.R.O.Y. says:

    i know there was much better hiphop out at the time from Chicago, but i am doing here something different, at least im trying, to present some obscure dope shit, not in a hunt of the classic albums/artists, and to present some different style which was, for example, completely opposite of what chicago hiphop had been sound at that time. Thanks for checking this and stay tunned for more Touring The States posts.

    – Markshot

  4. Beneficial says:

    ya i will admit, i had never heard of this and i think of myself as a connoisseur of chicago stuff. so props on this for atleast a few funky beats and the da smart verse!

  5. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Cool and thanks Beneficial,
    keep following this Tour.

    – Markshot

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