Neek The Exotic – Non-Album Tracks (1992-1999)

Between the years of 1992 and 1999, Neek The Exotic ripped pretty much all of his verses to shreds. Here’s a compilation that I put together with all of his known recordings from that time period. I’d like to know what he was doing in between the years of 1994 and 1997, as there is nothing listed in his discogs profile. Also, he is credited w/ the second verse on the Large Professor track “Spacey”, but as far as my ears can tell, that ain’t Neek.

Neek The Exotic – Non-Album Tracks (1992-1999)

1. Fakin’ The Funk w/ Main Source

2. Fakin’ The Funk w/ Main Source (Yo! MTV Raps)

3. Pee-Nile Reunion Verse (Acapella)

4. Pee-Nile Reunion Verse

5. Rip ‘Em Flip ‘Em

6. Exotic Is Raw

7. Rock The Mic

8. Real Hip Hop

9. Backs N Necks

10. Muthafuckin’ Man

11. Hardcore w/ Large Professor

12. Rhymemania 99 w/ Large Professor

13. Pump Ya Fist

14. Everything’s Real

15. Fakin’ The Funk w/ Main Source (Slight Remix)



Fakin’ The Funk (Yo! MTV Raps)

Pee-Nile Reunion (Verse)

Rip ‘Em Flip ‘Em

Exotic Is Raw

Real Hip Hop

–Roy Johnson

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5 Responses to “Neek The Exotic – Non-Album Tracks (1992-1999)”

  1. qnzgrimiest says:

    real hip hop is my shit, i love how lareg pro flipped that sample, he made it sound so spacey, but yet mad street, especially those drums, im also curious about what he made between 1994 and 1997, and i like the 12 inch version of exotic raw way better, the drums hit more harder than the album version, the album version the drums sounds more processed.

  2. verge says:

    @qnzgrimiest- You beat me to the punch on all accounts. First, I was gonna say how 'Real Hip Hop' is a banger that I didn't think many heads were up on.
    And I agree about the 'Exotic's Raw' 12" sounded much better. Drums are grimier.
    But back to 'Real Hip Hop'. The title may sound a little generic, but this track is a certified banger. The beat sounds like it could've been a b-side from an Illmatic single and Neek rips that shit proper.
    Good shit, Roy. Thanks.

  3. thomasv says:

    "Neek the Exotic breaks backs and necks
    When fakes try to front, they get smoked like blunts"


  4. Lauwe Dabbert says:

    Dude was doin' a bid in those years. He was unsigned hype in the Source back in '98 and it was mentioned there.

    There supposedly also a collabo with Mr. Cheeks of Lost Boyz fame which I still haven't heard. 1

  5. Lauwe Dabbert says:

    Also you forgot to include this lil' joint:

    Live to Get this Paper (prod. Xplicit)


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