Seattle Vs Portland (1993-1998)

Unless you are in the know, Portland is not among the 1st cities one thinks of for hip hop. Oregon is a state with less than 4 million people. Like it’s northern counterpart Seattle, the scene in Portland was largely unnoticed on a national scale during the golden era. It’s not that artists like Cool Nutz didn’t get widespread attention, but perhaps to a lesser degree than artists in cities which were more well known for hip hop. For damp heads up here in the temperate rain forest, Portland and Seattle are the centers of hip hop output. The style up here is generally a little different than that found further south, in the bay area and southern California. It’s hard to put a finger on it but you’ll hear what I mean in the infectious scratching of ‘206in It’, the melancholy vibe of ‘Bombay’, the darkness of ‘Join Tha Team’, in the abstract sound of ‘Seattle Rain’.


01 (04:49) Central Dynasty – 206in It (Seattle 1995)
From the album ‘Why Does Everybody Want To Be A Killa’

02 (04:14) Bosko – Bombay (Portland 1995)
From the 12 inch single Bombay/Passin Time

03 (04:33) Smoke – 51.50 (Seattle 1994)
From the ep ‘Come And Get Me’

04 (05:51) D-Folk Pre-Znn – Evr’lstn (Portland 1995)
From the ep ‘Mr. Evr’lstn Chuck Meez Bakk’

05 (06:26) Kazy D – Ashes 2 Ashes (Portland 1995)
From the album ‘Letter From The Grave’

06 (04:00) Pork – Right Now (Shaolin) (Portland 1995)
From the album ‘Sidin On You’

07 (05:56) Mackin Rob – Mobbin (Seattle 1993)
Single/ep/album ? Source Unknown!

08 (04:18) Maniac Lok – Join Tha Team (Portland 1995)
From the album ‘I’m Back’

09 (05:07) Scrooge – Temporary Insanity (Seattle 1994)
From the album ‘Bout My Paper’

10 (02:55) Warpath – Seattle Rain (Seattle 199?)
From the ep ‘Production For That Ass’

11 (05:56) Black Anger – Conscious Attack (Seattle 1997)
From the ep ‘Maxed Out Singles’

12 (04:33) Grassrootz – No Matter (Portland 1998)
From the album ‘Uncharted Regions’

13 (00:20) C-Dub – 503-206 (Portland 1993)
From the album ‘Ignorance Anonymous’

14 (06:25) DMS – My World (Seattle 1994)
From the ep ‘Takin’ Ends’

15 (02:54) Gangster On The Move – Outro (Portland 1994)
From the album ‘Comin’ 4 Tha Goods’

There’s a certain mindset here and it reflects in the local music. I hope our readers enjoy this slice of the pacific northwest. Give me a shout if you dig it.


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9 Responses to “Seattle Vs Portland (1993-1998)”



  2. odium-LSC says:

    fantastic. Pretty sure that warpath tracks from 99. My boy syko is on it. Keep the northwest shit coming

  3. Anonymous says:

    yo man im fucking loving all the northwest shit your bringing us. this area has gone unnoticed for so long and there is so much creativity just waiting to be tapped.

  4. Anonymous says:

    and if you got that warpath song west coast parlay you should put that up. pretty much seattle in a nut shell. the conduction was dope i know syko still makes music.

  5. Schenectadyfan says:

    It's good to see people are reading and downloading these Northwest drops. Glad you like! Will be bringing more northwest rap to you soon so stay tuned!

  6. odium-LSC says:

    I like Syko's new shit way better than his shit with warpath. The production on the warpath shit was great but M.A.D. was god-awful on everything he rhymed on.

  7. Anonymous says:

    true dat m.a.d. was garbage. but a lot of sykos shit now is some wanna be crunk psuedo bay are shit. warpath was more hip hop.

  8. SYKO says:

    good lookin yall
    all positive and negative comments..

  9. SYKO says:

    and we recorded seattle rain late 97/ early-98

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