Touring The States: Riverside, CA

Riverside is a city located in the Inland Empire in Southern California. It is also the county seat of Riverside County. The city is named for the nearby Santa Ana River. Big Meech, as y’all already realized, is coming out of Riverside. This should be the one and only piece of music released by Big Meech, but don’t take this info for granted. I was searching all over the internet and wasn’t able to find any additional info. Discogs says that this single is Big Meech from Miami, a member of BMF, but personally I think this is mistake. So, please, feel free to correct me if you know something more about all of that. You will enjoy this short but excellent single, even if you don’t like that Cali, g-funk vibe. The songs are very very smooth and relaxing. Like the title says “We’re Just Cruzin'”; for sure this will make you want to burn it for the ride. Enjoy.

Side A
01. Big Meech – We’re Just Cruzin’ (Radio Version)
02. Big Meech – We’re Just Cruzin’ (Remix Extended Version)
03. Big Meech – We’re Just Cruzin’ (Instrumental Radio Version)

Side B
01. Big Meech – D.O.G
02. Big Meech – D.O.G (Instrumental)
03. Big Meech – We’re Just Cruzin’ (Instrumental Remix)


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4 Responses to “Touring The States: Riverside, CA”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I've seen the cover before, but have never heard it.


  2. Antonio says:

    He definitely isn't Big Meech (the real Big Meech…). See for yourself.

  3. I really like and appreciate your blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

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