Blog Building: Introducing Steady Bloggin’

Have you ever seen such a site in your life?
Spread the word – our sister blog Steady Bloggin’ has emerged. Fire up your browser of choice (Firefox, according to Google Analytics), point it to www.steadybloggin.com and begin catching up on the latest in hip hop, funk/soul/jazz, cinema, literature, and more. Much like T.R.O.Y., Steady Bloggin’ is an outgrowth of the Philaflava forums, and its contributors are all long-time regulars hailing from around the globe.
While other bloggers that focus on contemporary music (especially hip-hop related) prefer to take on the role of glorified content aggregator or overhyped hipster rapper du jour street team coordinator, the team over at Steady Bloggin’ will concentrate on getting you wise to the unheralded, unappreciated, underexposed artists of today. Rather than simply reproduce the undifferentiated mass of content that streams unabated through the blogosphere or attempting to win a hopeless exclusives upload race, they will separate the wheat from the chaff and point you in the direction of quality music, no agendas attached. Peep the official manifesto.
The blog is still in a very early stage but the content is steadily amassing and appears to be diverse and interesting. Here are a few examples:
To get down with the RSS feed: Subscribe to Steadybloggin’
To get your fix over at Twitter: Follow steadybloggin
Best of luck to the Steady Bloggin’ team!



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