South Click – Rebel Slave (South Carolina 1998)

Today I bring you the 2nd album from South Click. This was put out by ‘Power Records’ in 1998. They have 3 albums total. Their 1st album is a classic and this one is pretty good too. The 2nd effort is more political, deeper, more developed. There are so many liner notes it is a little overwhelming. I’ll settle for simply sharing the music itself with you. These guys are defenitely coming from a 5%er perspective.


01 (00:35) south click – introduction
02 (05:52) south click – signs of the time
03 (05:20) south click – rebel slave
04 (04:04) south click – we dont need
05 (05:09) south click – daze of old
06 (05:45) south click – smoke
07 (04:21) south click – simply beautiful
08 (04:13) south click – busta free
09 (02:58) south click – beyond the millennium
10 (04:16) south click – breakout
11 (05:48) south click – contemplated the crime
12 (03:55) south click – with me or against me
13 (04:05) south click – first blow
14 (04:21) south click – carolina backwoods
15 (04:36) south click – p.o.w.
16 (04:46) south click – we be spittin

I hope y’all like this heady southeast rap. It’ll make you nod your head and it will really hit you if you are a thinking person. Leave me some feedback, tell me if you like this album. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Justine says:

    This kinda music makes me wish I was born 10 years earlier. I was 8 when this was out and I've been bumpin it ever since you posted it. Request: the other 2 albums if possible, please?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

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