Jesse West – No Prisoners (1989)

In 1989, Jesse West released his first LP “No Prisoners.” It is known for being the first hip-hop album ever released by legendary Motown records. Unfortunately, Motown records didn’t promote their first rap album well enough. Today, this album is mostly forgotten and is a long-time out-of-print cd. It was produced by Commission Gordon (aka Gordon Williams) and Jesse West. Jesse West might be better known to some as 3rd Eye.

No Prisoners (4:02)
Renegade (3:47)
I’m A Warrior (5:26)
State Of Your Mind (4:34)
Prelude To Madness (1:06)
This Is Madness (5:14)
Do You Wanna Party (4:07)
I Saw You (4:33)
The Master (3:51)
For James (1:30)
Concrete Jungle (3:53)
Black Bomb (4:54)

Editor’s Note: The “Alize For Dolo” VLS from the 8-Off post has been added. I forgot to include the link on the original post. Go to the post or click here to download.

— Thomas V

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4 Responses to “Jesse West – No Prisoners (1989)”

  1. Vcyne says:

    Sounds good, 3rd Eye is a beast.

    Is it a vinyl or a cd rip ?


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  2. Shaun D. aka Wicked says:

    Wow, I have that CD!! Unfortunately I don't have any of the 12" singles from that album. I have the 3rd Eye album PLANETS from 1998 as well. Jesse West aka 3rd Eye is nice! Maad folks been sleepin. Good shit posting this up.

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  3. thomasv says:

    Vincent, It's the CD RIP.

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  4. Vcyne says:

    Thanks thomasv!

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