Various Artists – Classic Elements (Seattle 1998)

Here’s an underground hip hop compilation from Seattle, Washington. It was put out by ‘Impact Entertainment’ in 1998. The record label was actually based in Olympia, Washington where there is a small but prolific scene. Props to Eden, Cody, Jim, Doug, Max and all you other mothafuckas keeping underground hip hop alive up there in the people’s republic! This one was mastered by Mark Greer and Dj Sayeed at ‘Bandit Audio’ in Olympia, WA. It’s interesting for me to come across this cd and compare what I knew about local hip hop then to what I know now. It’s a long shot but if anyone out there has some live recordings of ‘The Rat Pack’ I’d kill to hear them again!


01 (05:33) ghetto children – hip hop was ?
02 (04:12) jaleel – call it like i see it
03 (03:17) troubled sums – konfessions
04 (05:18) source of labor & beyond reality – aunt anna
05 (04:45) soulstice – norvus ordo seclorum
06 (04:13) arson – back home
07 (05:15) sinsemilla – sleep
08 (06:12) nobody – a.n.i.t.a.
09 (04:07) bedroom productions ft. blak – black n blind
10 (04:29) 5E – paradox (remix)
11 (04:52) ski – from bullets to poetics
12 (03:58) tilson – a little better
13 (05:19) black anger – third eye
14 (03:42) jace – what’s ya defenition
15 (03:41) blak – only when i’m high
16 (04:55) nomad – sadistic flow

Many of these artists were featured on other Seattle compilations released in the mid/late 90’s. Give me some feedback and I’ll keep coming at ya with that northwest flava.


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9 Responses to “Various Artists – Classic Elements (Seattle 1998)”

  1. Jaz says:

    Thanks Schenectadyfan, this is just great.

  2. DragonHill87 says:

    I like the beats on Norvus Ordo Seclorum and Black N Blind.

    What sample is used on "A Little Better". I've heard that used a lot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the comments! Norvus Ordo Seclorum is pretty moody, dope production.


  4. soren says:

    olympia represent! man im going to evergreen right now and cant find this "scene" you're talking about. im from seattle and have been fiendin for some boom bap vibes but cant find anything down here. if someone knows these hip hop heads hit me up sorenmpoulsen@yahoo

  5. Anonymous says:

    maybe it's not the same as it was when i left olympia man. it's a college town so groups come and go. i know jim is still around as 'mr e' but not sure if others have moved on.


  6. chance random says:

    these are great. i remember when source of labor was all over seattle. thanks for throwing these up.

  7. Dj Dug Boogie says:

    Much Respect for the work that you put into this blog. Just incredible flav upon flavor….and knowlege of Hop Culture….

    Dj Dug Boogie
    Hop Stew Mixshow

  8. verge says:

    I just got around to giving this a thorough listen and, damn, there is not much filler at all on here. I'm burning this to CD for the whip right now and that's saying something. Beats are pretty great throughout the entire compilation. Thanks for this one.

  9. Tribal says:

    Any chance of a re-up? would be much appreciated. peace x

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