Poops Spotlight Pt.2 (WKCR,WNYU Demos)

A couple of months ago, we re-introduced you to the incredible emcee who fell off the face of the rap game before he even really got started, Poops. Refer to this link, you won’t be disappointed – Part 1

This time around we bring you four more ill appearances from the god; including cuts with Pumpkinhead, A Butta[Natural Elements], Automatic, and a freestyle session from an episode of the legendary Stretch & Bobbito show.

The first cut is a promo called Flushed that was a collaborative effort with Pumpkinhead and most likely produced by FB. This was originally aired on Stretch & Bobbito but re-aired on the 10th Planet radio show[co hosted by yours truly] on WPRB. I no longer have any of the original tapes of the 10th Planet, but am in the process of regaining a good amount of them on mp3 through a follower of the T.R.O.Y. blog. Sean g. responded in the comments of the original Poops post and we’ve been corresponding since. So, you can thank him for coming through with this one. Peep his blog out here, it’s a pretty interesting hodge podge of cool shit worth checking out.

The second joint is a freestyle with Pumpkinhead live on the Stretch & Bobbito show. They go back and forth for few dope verses over some pretty ill beats that I still haven’t identified. Unfortunately it’s not the entire session, but it’s a solid couple of verses you should enjoy. Thanks to Roy Johnson for uploading this at the T.R.O.Y. forum.

The last two joints were re-discovered by Nes over at the Dirtywaters blog. The first one is another solo banger of a demo called Suckas. I had this one on tape years ago and lost the tape within a week of having it. The other track, Lyrics, is another collabo featuring Automatic, A Butta, and once again Pumpkinhead. I believe this was originally aired on WNYU.

Do yourself a favor and don’t sleep on any of these tracks. Poops was a goat in the making, in my opinion. It’s a shame that he gave up so soon.



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