Recap 3/22/09 to 3/28/09

Well it’s been a relaxing spring break. We’ll be spending the rest of Sunday trying to nurse our hangovers and figure out why we have strange women’s names tattooed on our forearms. But you can be more productive by checking out the past week’s posts. The quantity may be halved, but the quality’s all there, as per usual. We ain’t fessin’.

Artists With Raspy Voices And Multiple Monikers
8-Off The Assassin (Agallah) – Don’t even front like “Ghetto Girl” wasn’t the shit when it dropped.
Crustified Dibbs (RA The Rugged Man) – We remastered his first album to the point of listenability.

From City To City, From State To State
New Jersey Underground Part 4 – Don’t fuck with New Jersey, for the fourth time.
Touring The States: Boston, MA – Markshot gets his De Tocqueville on, touring the states in search of the realness.
And More…
You Gots To Chill – Chill the funk out already.
Rap Blogosphere Standouts – If you didn’t make the list you didn’t deserve to.