Touring The States: Boston, MA

The T.R.O.Y. Blog would like to present you “Touring The States” post. We will sit in our Camaro and take a ride around the States in search of albums that you might never heard of. We will pick up the albums or singles, which doesn’t have that so called title “classic”, but for sure having great songs, vibe and it will be perfect joy for your ears. Stay tunned, we will feed you with this two times per month, maybe more.

Paw-Dukes was born in Miami Fla. and raised in Brooklyn, New York and now reside in Massachusetts. He started dipping in music at the tender age of 14. He credits life’s experiences as his most influential backdrop. Introduced to the art of rhyming by a family friend, Paw-Dukes formed a group with his younger brother Carolina Gus (then know as Finch) and performed at various venues and colleges. Carolina Gus moved on and went to join the army. Paw-Dukes stayed behind to finish what they began. In the late 90’s Paw-Dukes recorded a single through an independent label (now defunct) to put out a stellar underground maxi single. In 2000 that single was followed up by an even bigger single “C’est La Vie”. Unfortunately this would be the last time that the underground market would receive such an offering. Through frustration and heartbreak Paw-Dukes and the label parted ways. Now in 2000-now, with no label backup, Paw-Dukes finds himself on that same journey which he took when he was 14. This time he is equipped with a business mind and an arsenal of music. Paw-Dukes states, “I am bringing to the table the essence of raw hip hop and the vibe that was big in the mid 90’s”. Don’t get it twisted this kid can write a hit song. “I’m from that same era that spawned “Illmatic”, “Reasonable Doubt” and “Ready to Die”, so it’s only right that I pay tribute to the guys who paved the way”. He also went to say “without taking credit away from today’s artist (they are all great in their own rights), but Hip Hop or rap whatever they are calling it these days is lost and the youth is lost with them, so I am here to bring it back”.
Only question i have is, is yall ready for Paw-Dukes?

Amazin b/w Hard / Beddlem (1999)
A1 Amazin (Street)
A2 Amazin (Clean)
A3 Amazin (Instrumental)
B1 Hard (Street)
B2 Hard (Clean)
B3 Hard (Instrumental)
B4 Beddlem


C’est La Vie EP (2000)
1. C’est La Vie
2. Control
3. Everyday
4. It’s On
5. C’est La Vie (Instrumental)
6. Control (Instrumental)


Lil Dap, Paw-Dukes, Ed OG & Chubb Rock – Rich Get Rich

L Da Headtoucha – Your Mind Feat. Paw-Dukes

Paw-Dukes – C’est La Vie (Better quality than on EP)

L Da Headtoucha – Sunshine Feat. Paw-Dukes & K Slaughta

L Da Headtoucha, Paw-Dukes & Rip Shop – Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

I know some of you having a problem with divshare, so you can download all 5 tracks ->here<- I would like to say thanks to Paw-Dukes for stepping up, explaining some info and allowing me to take picture and info from his myspace page. So, don’t forget to check Paw-Dukes myspace page to hear some of the tracks which are not here.

— Markshot

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5 Responses to “Touring The States: Boston, MA”

  1. vincentlopez says:

    I'm really digging this. Thanks


  2. Anonymous says:

    great idea

  3. Vcyne says:

    Who did the production on his two EP?

  4. Vega says:

    they used to play Cest La Vie every night on 88.9 used tolove this shit had it on tape for years thanks!

  5. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Thank you people.

    Vincent, here is the list of who has produced these tracks:

    Dialek: Amazin, C'est la vie, Beddlem.
    Madsol-Desar: Control, Hard, Everyday.


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