Crustified Dibbs – Night Of The Bloody Apes(Remastered)

We come to you today bearing bad news in one hand and a gift in the other. T.R.O.Y. forum resident blendologist supreme, vaporized, has been struck with the hardship of a completely broke down laptop. Thus rendering him incapable of contributing any more monumental blends or mixes until he obtains a new workstation. I will list below all the incredible work that was done by vaporized, in the past 6 months, and wish him a full online recovery.

Before vaporized lost his laptop powers, he left us with this nice piece of work that cannot be found anywhere else in the blogosphere or message board realm. He took the initiative to remaster the highly sought after shelved debut album by Crustified Dibbs called Night Of The Bloody Apes. According to discogs, this was released on CD, but as far as I knew it was only on cassette. I don’t claim that this is CDQ or VBR, but it sounds a hell of a lot better than the versions that have been floating around the web for the past years. I don’t even claim that this is a classic album in any shape or form. To be honest, the album is, well,……pretty bad. But, for me, it’s worth having just for the frustrated emcee anthem Every Record Label Sucks Dick. Included as a bonus cut is the Biggie Smalls featured cut Cunt Renaissance Remix.


Crustified Dibbs – Every Record Label Sucks Dick

Crustified Dibbs(ft. Biggie Smalls) – Cunt Renaissance Remix
If you weren’t aware, Crustified Dibbs went on to become RA The Rugged Man and has released music much better than this album, in my humble opinion. I believe on that Cunt Renaissance Remix above, he had already changed his name for that record. Check him out here for some more recent tracks and info. Here’s a few joints you probably already know by him –

R.A. The Rugged Man(ft. Agallah) – Till My Heart Stops

R.A. The Rugged Man(ft. Sadat X) – 50,ooo Heads Remix

R.A. The Rugged Man(ft. Blackmarket Militia) – The Renaissance

The Works Of Vaporized:

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9 Responses to “Crustified Dibbs – Night Of The Bloody Apes(Remastered)”

  1. thomasv says:

    My favorite line ever: "There's Only 50,000 Heads That Are True To This, The Rest Are Clueless To What Real Hip Hop Music Is"

  2. Werner von Wallenrod says:

    Yeah, that discogs listing just looks like somebody's CDR to me. The cover is clearly a scan of the 12" picture cover with the title removed. I'm surprised discogs let that one go up.
    Props on cleaning up that terrible dub.

  3. jowhite says:

    R.A. has always been R.A.

    Crustified Dibbs was supposed to be him and Niles, but the name got attached to him as a soloist, so truly a bit of a misnomer.

    R.A. is a true renaissance man, making movies, boxing historian, writer, mic skills…

    Night of is not "classic" but I think looked at as an artifact from that era (plus seemingly/rumored production from Niles, Buckwild, E. Sermon), it's worth (at least) a listen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    man this album is dope idk what you talking about… thanks for that…

  5. verge says:

    I'm glad heads stopped by and appreciated this. For me, it was one of those situations where you have a friend who refuses to listen to what you recommend but always forces some off the wall shit on your ears. He kept telling me I had to check out the single, it was the greatest shit ever. So, I finally did cop the cassette single for 'Bloodshed Hua Hoo' and didn't really like it. But then I heard 'Every Record Label Sucks Dick' on Stretch & Bobbito and gave him another chance.
    I regress, I shouldn't have said it was a bad album. It's just on some other otherness. I'm a fan of R.A. and have always checked for and enjoyed his music. Everybody should at least give this a listen. Thanks for the info jowhite and Werner.

  6. Whygee says:

    I did not know this info… Thank you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    did vaporized fully remaster this? because toolbox murderer is really the song statchy and the song tool box murderer in not in the remasterd album

  8. verge says:

    @anonymous- I remember vaporized saying something about not including the skits or something like that. I'll have to look into this. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bloodshed Hua Hoo is still very poor quality on this though, it's a shame as it's one of the best nod your head tunes that I used to listen to.

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