New Jersey Underground Part 4 (1992-1997)

Comin at ya with style on New Jersey Underground Volume 4. Check out the tracks by Mr Low Kash, The Undatakaz and F.O.A., if you are a fiend for obscure hip hop from the Garden State. Of note is the track by Maniac Mob. They were one of the dopest crews I’ve come across but their output was pretty limited. The rest of this mix is laced too so y’all will probably dig it. Hoping there are new tunes in here for our readers so let us know!


01 (04:59) Bustin Melonz – Under The Influence [1994]
02 (04:08) Artifacts – You Know The Time [NEWARK 1995][UNRELEASED]
03 (04:01) Tony D – Back To The Basics [TRENTON 1997]
04 (03:37) Govna Matic – Vision [NEWARK 1997]
05 (04:40) Scott Lark Da Sensei – The Movie [1996]
06 (03:25) Young Zee – Electric Chair [JERSEY CITY 1996]
07 (03:45) Mr Low Kash & Da Shady Bunch – The Best At This [JERSEY CITY 1996]
08 (04:38) Ready Ta Roll – The Real Hip Hop [JERSEY CITY 1993]
09 (04:27) Maniac Mob & 45 King – Rock The Rhythm [JERSEY CITY 1993]
10 (06:05) Lord Pre N’ The Funk Legacy – The Funk Legacy [TRENTON 1993]
11 (04:12) Troubleneck Brothers – Gusto (NY) [1993]
12 (06:14) P.O.V – Ball Ya Fist (Beatdowns) [1993]
13 (04:53) Blaque Spurm – The Cycle [TRENTON 1994]
14 (04:50) Down N Dirty Tribe – Inna Cipher (Brickville Mix) [JERSEY CITY 1995]
15 (05:19) The Undatakaz – One Bullet (Flip The Script Mix) [TRENTON 1992]
16 (04:26) Young Gifted – Stay True To Your Trade [JERSEY CITY 1996]
17 (03:14) F.O.A. – Rude Boyz Style [TRENTON 1992]
18 (04:09) Yz – (So Far) The Ghetto’s Been Good [1993]
19 (05:43) Blvd. Mosse – All Praises Due To Outstanding [TRENTON 1990]
20 (03:35) Lifers Group – Short Life Of A Gansta [NEWARK 1993]


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11 Responses to “New Jersey Underground Part 4 (1992-1997)”

  1. PG023 says:

    Thanks alot, I love the Jersey underground series. So much dope stuff that came out of Jersey!!

  2. ThomasV says:

    Bustin Melonz are from Flatbush, Brooklyn

  3. Anonymous says:

    the liner notes on the bustin melonz cd say cranford, new jersey.

    and how about all the stuff that ACTUALLY IS FROM NEW JERSEY ?

    how about a comment on THAT, INSTEAD ??????????

  4. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Cranford, NJ is a very affluent suburb, with virtually no black population to speak of, outside of some doctors and lawyers. For reference, it is where most of the film "Guess Who" starring Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac was filmed. I highly doubt that those guys are from there, I was also under the impression that they are from Brooklyn, as Flatbush is mentioned in the liner notes and their whole style just seems … very Brooklyn.

  5. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Not that this is some kind of great site, but this also lists them as being form Flatbush – http://www.rhymestate.com/TheSite.htm

    Are you sure Carnford, NJ isn't where Continuum records, or their management or legal representation were housed?

  6. Anonymous says:

    the rest of the stuff that is indeed from the garden state is DOPE. i think maybe that's what should be the focus here, not how many black people live in cranford, new jersey. who cares ?

    the fact that this compilation consists of many rare tracks from artists who in fact DID reside in nj is the point and hopefully other people who see this will recognize that instead of getting stuck…….

    are the other tracks obscure enough to appreciate or is the fact that bustin melonz are from ny and not nj enough to ignore/not comment on the tracks that ARE new jersey based ?

  7. verge says:

    That Scott Lark joint is dope. Beat's ill. There's a few more that were really dope that I never heard.Good compilation, thanks.
    Also, is that Artifacts cut actually 'The Ultimate' from their second album or an unreleased version of it? Just curious. I'll pay more attention when I give this another listen.Which I will because there's some really ill beats on here.

  8. thomasv says:

    Track 5 of Bustin' Melonz "Watch Ya Seed Pop Out" features Gravedigga of BUSHwackas and Special Ed (The Bush). I believe that you can hear them mentioning Flatbush in their songs. I'm just correcting you…

    It's still a great comp to listen to though!

  9. Strategy786 says:

    This is an ill comp. But the Blvd Mosse joint is reall choppy sounding, with the sound dropping out completely at the 3:33 point. Can anyone provide an alternative?

  10. moog says:

    please reload

  11. gnz says:

    Please reload all series (New Jersey, East Coast Rarities, Southern….)

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