Rap Blogosphere Standouts (1st Quarter 2009)

‘Cause we could and we would bust a cap … just to put our homies on the map
Back in January we linked you to the best links the blogosphere had to offer from October-December. Today’s focus is somewhat different, though. Rather than honor every instance in which somebody linked a cool interview on youtube or provided a basic review of a throwback album, we are instead focusing in on those blog posts that contribute something new and/or novel to the existing body of knowledge.
Oh, sure, it’s an arbitrary call. And it seems like we’re disparaging the efforts of bloggers who regularly post content without much commentary, or who stick to basic reviewery. This is not the case at all, however. We acknowledge that the rap blogosphere requires a mixed approach. Not every single post will successfully contribute original or provocative insight. Not every blogger is a great writer. Not every bit of content requires explication. And of course the binary in question is problematic . What about novel, creative blogger-generated content? Aren’t the acts of seeking out content, “digging” if you will, laborious, unappreciated, and a huge part of this whole rap thing to begin with?
Hell, our approach here at T.R.O.Y. is decidedly mixed. But as we move ahead, our goals are to move away from mere uploads as much as humanly possible. And frankly, we’d like to see more of an attempt made at generating ideas (in contradistinction to simply conveying opinions, word to Noz) throughout the blogosphere. That doesn’t mean we’re going cease posting amazing finds, elusive exclusives, or do the work of skimming the best material from your lifeless posts. Nor does it mean that we don’t appreciate blogs who shower us with great multimedia finds. But we will increasingly incorporate analysis wherever necessary, and for now we’d like to recognize the posts from other blogs that stand out for their originality, focus, usefulness for research, or simply for being interesting. This is not a comprehensive list and it reflects mostly my own sense of what is good or important. I kept it limited to the type of content that I felt would directly appeal to readers of this blog). The blogs I link are not one or two-hit wonders, either, and in fact many put in work all day, everyday. You should definitely take the time to explore the archives once you’re redirected to those sites. With all that said, I challenge you to find something mundane or uninspired in this list:

The TR808 Is Coming … (breaks for days and beats for weeks)
The Children’s Crusade (A People’s History Of Hip Hop)
Zungazung Revelations (wayneandwax)
A Quick note about the Gucci List (We eat so many shrimp)
Underrated/ Underhated #6 – Black Moon/ Big Daddy Kane (Fat Lace Magazine)
We’ll Always Love Big Poppa (Combat Jack With Today’s Mathematics)
A Labyrinth, A Maze (Cocaine Blunts)

Forgotten LI, Pt 2: True Mathematics’ “For The Money” (Jesse Serwer)

Snowed In With Lyte Week 1-7 (Werner Von Wallenrod)
Poison Clan Appreciation Week (Werner Von Wallenrod)
Newcleus: The Twixt Generation (Werner Von Wallenrod)
Demastas – Feel No Guilt b/w Sunshine (WYDU)

Homemade Compilations
Back To ’89 (Cold Rock Da Spot)

Unearthed Rarities (Demos, Unreleased, Freestyles, etc)
WKCR 1990 (Dirty Waters)
And if you feel you wrote something that deserves to be on this list, let me know.
— Thun

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