8-Off The Assassin (Agallah)

He was formerly known as 8-Off The Assassin, but changed the name because it was controversial; 8-Off is a variation of the name Adolf, as in Adolf Hitler. 8-Off was first recognized by Matty C as he featured him in the unsigned hype section of The Source. He would later sign to YZ’s 720 Management label. He was heard for the first time on a Stretch & Bobbito freestyle session in 1992. A year later, he would make his first appearance on wax on the chorus of “Acid Rain” off YZ’s second album. He showed his first production skills on “Do U Know My Style” off Champ MC’s first album in 1994. After producing & hanging out with Onyx, 8-Off started working on solo work. He released his first 12″ “Ghetto Girl” and his second 12″ “Alize For Dolo” Feat. Mr Cheeks. He shot two videos for both tracks. Unfortunately, his album never saw the light of the day as the label folded. Only a few promo copies were handed out… Below, you will find everything leading from his unsigned hype appearance to the vls of “Alize For Dolo (Remix)” and the two videos as well as rarities. Today, Agallah is part of the Purple City Byrdgangs affiliated with Dipset.

8-Off featured on The Source’s Unsigned Hype: Nov ’92 Issue #38
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Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle ’92 w/ YZ

YZ – Acid Rain off The Ghetto’s Been Good To Me
(8-Off can be heard on the chorus)

Champ MC – Do U Know My Style off Ghetto Flava
(8-Off’s First Production)

8-Off – Wrap You Lips Around This (Solo Album – Unreleased)

8-Off – Ghetto Girl/ Neighborhood Hoe VLS

8-Off – Ghetto Girl (Live) off Ill Style Live

8-Off – Pass Da ‘Tron (Feat. Panama P.I.) off Underground Airplay: Volume IV

8-Off – Alize For Dolo (Remix) VLS

8-Off – Ghetto Girl

8-Off – Alize For Dolo (Feat. Mr Cheeks)

— Thomas V

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14 Responses to “8-Off The Assassin (Agallah)”

  1. pierski76 says:

    yeah a good post again! thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    I saw Agallah once in concert a while back. He looked like a crazy man when he rhymed, eyes popping and he had a huge vein on his neck that looked like it was going to pop. Fat Joe was there too, he actually forgot the lyrics to his song and made the DJ stop the record.

  3. twc02 says:

    one of those albums I wish were in my collection of original cd's

  4. Anonymous says:

    The 1995 LP has so many ill beats but the rapping is unsufferable. Son is talented though.

  5. hoodah says:

    i first remember him through grand theft auto 3? on the alchemist produced? song with Ruck aka sean price and


    damn, feel like jacking a car and just riding through liberty city

  6. verge says:

    "Neighborhood Hoe" was my shit back in the day, BTW.

  7. Oldsoul76 says:

    That ghetto girl video was done in Tompkins Square Park (Ave b & 10th in manhattan). my whole hood (ave d.) was over there trying to talk to those girls……we got absolutely nowhere! lol. memories……

  8. DreadnNY says:

    I remember when he was signed to me and YZ at 720 Music

  9. T.R.O.Y. says:

    ^ PeeWee Kirkland??

  10. DJ Filthy Rich says:

    would anybody mind posting a link to the Alize For Dolo VLS? that shit is dope!

  11. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Sorry DJ Filthy Rich, I forgot to include the link in the original post. It's fixed now. Enjoy!

    • escalade98 says:

      yea i first heard 8 off on a mix tape in 98 ,but was wondering,why he hasnt put no new shit out.did his label rip hlm off?he
      made some good joint for the mixtapes,would like to hear him on some more mixtapes,on some gangster shit like scarface,that would be tight.that song tony montana,bye future.

  12. DJ Filthy Rich says:

    thanks for Alize For Dolo link!

  13. Simian Jackson says:

    The production on his 1995 album was superlative, however I found the vocals to be rather untolerable and were the antithesis of the virtuosic production.

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