Buster Williams – Samples

Buster Williams – Samples

1. Buster Williams – The Hump
2. ATCQ – Mr. Incognito
3. Fugees – Nappy Heads Remix (Instrumental)
4. Madlib – Raw Addict
5. P.U.T.S. – Zignaflyinblow
6. Black Attack – Holdin’ It Down (Instrumental)
7. Buster Williams – Vibrations
8. Big L – Put It On (Instrumental)
9. Artifacts – What Goes On
10. Buster Williams – Noble Ego
11. Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)


The Hump


Noble Ego

–Roy Johnson

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6 Responses to “Buster Williams – Samples”

  1. BlindWilliam says:

    This works. Thanks.

  2. ADB says:

    Where is the sample used on Choice is Yours? I've listened can't place it. I know the main sample is McCoy Tyner.

  3. verge says:

    @ADB- I can't find that either.Can anybody tell me what the part from 1:20-1:35 was used for?It sounds mad familiar, like an Organized or Beatnuts bass line.Hmmm

  4. Roy Johnson says:


    It was listed on the breaks in the Buster Williams section, and after hearing the 1:20-1:35 portion, I figured that it was used by Mista Lawnge for the intro to "The Choice Is Yours", even if it wasn't an exact match. The Ron Carter bassline on the McCoy Tyner track "Impressions" is indeed an exact match. Thanks for the correction.

  5. ADB says:

    @ Roy Johnson

    Thanks for clarifying – the McCoy Tyner track is so interesting, listening from the beginning, you'd never be able to guess where the 'Choice is Yours' sample is going to come from.

  6. verge says:

    Nice sample detective work,Roy.I knew I recognized that 1:20-1:35 section,just couldn't place it. Thanks.

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