King Tee: Likwit Singles

Should we spend some more words on someone about whom we know everything?
So we will cut the story and let you enjoy the classic singles of the West Coast rap legend, Roger McBride, better known as King Tee.

Bass / Ko Rock Stuff (1988)
A1 Bass (Remix)
A2 Ko Rock Stuff (Vocal)
A3 Bass (Original Version)
B1 Bass (Instrumental)
B2 Ko Rock Stuff (Dub)
B3 Bass (Acapella)


Act A Fool (1989)
A1 Act A Fool (Compton Mix)
A2 Act A Fool (Street Mix)
B1 Can This Be Real?


At Your Own Risk [Remixes] (1990)
A1 At Your Own Risk (Old English Mix)
A2 At Your Own Risk (Budha Mix)
A3 At Your Own Risk (LP Version)
B1 At Your Own Risk (No Risk Mix Instrumental)
B2 At Your Own Risk (5 AM Mix Cutapella)


Diss You (1990)
A1 Diss You (Dance Mix)
A2 Diss You (Dust Mix)
A3 Diss You (Instrumental Mix)
A4 Diss You (Single Edit)
B1 Diss You (Club Mix)
B2 Diss You (Dissin Beat)
B3 Diss You (LP Version)


Ruff Rhyme (Back Again) (1990)
A1 Ruff Rhyme (Back Again) (Ruff Mix)
A2 Ruff Rhyme (Back Again (Ruff Rhymeless Mix)
B1 Played Like A Piano Feat. Ice Cube & Breeze
B2 Ruff Rhyme (Back Again) (LP Version)


Black Togetha Again (1992)

A1 Black Togetha Again (L.A. Zuu Mix)
A2 Black Togetha Again (Special Flavor Mix)
Black Togetha Again (Instrumental)
Black Togetha Again (Marley Marl Remix)
B2 Bus Dat Ass Feat. Tha Alkaholiks (LP Version)
Black Togetha Again (LP Version)


Got It Bad Y’all (1992)

A1 Got It Bad Y’all (Remix)
A2 Got It Bad Y’all / On Tha Rox (Video Mix)
A3 Got It Bad Y’all (Instrumental)
B1 Got It Bad Y’all (Funky Piano Mix)
B2 Got It Bad Y’all (LP Version)


Dippin’ [Promo Release, Maxi Single] (1994)
01. Dippin’ (O.G. Mix)
02. Dippin’ (O.G. Remix)
03. Dippin’ (O.G. Clean)
04. Duck


Free Style Ghetto/Super Nigga/Let’s Get It On (Promo) (1995)
A1 Free Style Ghetto (Radio Mix)
A2 Super Nigga (Super Clean)
A3 Super Nigga (Lyrical Clean)
B1 Let’s Get It On (Radio Mix)
B2 Free Style Ghetto (Instrumental)
B3 Super Nigga (Instrumental)


Str8-Gone (1996)
A1 Str8-Gone (LP Version)
B1 Str8-Gone (Instrumental)
B2 Str8-Gone (A Cappella)


— Markshot

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7 Responses to “King Tee: Likwit Singles”

  1. Matt says:

    I needed a bit of King T in my day. So under-rated!

  2. Jaz says:

    Dope, big fan of King Tee

  3. Flex says:

    if you need the first two singles on techno hop let me know. King tee the great!

  4. Markshot says:

    Thanks Flex, i have those 2, i mean i don't, but those 2 i could compile by taking the songs from the album. We wanted to give people remixes, acapellas and instrumentals. We missing only that Bus Dat Ass 12" and Dippin' Promo 12". Thanks again for offering to step up. Cheers.

  5. Flex says:

    I hear ya, but the payback single is a different version and Ya better bring a gun didn't make the lp I think. But yo i'm lovin this blog for real thanks for all the dope music.

  6. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Ya better bring a gun is here http://www.discogs.com/King-Tee-Ruff-Rhymes-Greatest-Hits-Collection/release/1679678
    but really thanks for trying to help


  7. Tank says:

    Thanks a lot !!!!

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