Godfather Don – The Ill Funk Freaker EP (One Leg Up Records)

Editor’s Note: We did not get this from anybody named “FTD.” No digging crew egoes were injured during the uploading of this EP. 

Godfather Don “The Ill Funk Freaker EP” (One Leg Up Records OLU-LTD1)
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The “Ill Funk Freaker” EP consists of EIGHT unreleased songs found on Godfather Don’s original half-inch studio reels. Stored away for years, OLU and Don transported, baked, and dumped these last few remnants of his early 90’s home studio to find these treasures. What was uncovered was truly special! The highly coveted and sought after, “8 Million Stories”, an alternate version of “Slaves” with Kool Keith and six other Don masterpieces. All extracted off of the reels in perfect original quality! Turns out that “Where’z The Skillz?” and “Ain’t None Left” were actually originally vocal versions of two stripped down instrumentals that Don later used on his first installment of Hydra Beats. The hard and fast paced “Shoot The Two” features an early verse from Don collaborator Mic L (in a group called Da Funky Orphanz) and sadly, I don’t know why all of these songs were never released??? The bulk of this EP stands toe to toe with “Status”, “Piece Of The Action” and “Properties Of Steel”, which is why this is THE moment Godfather Don fans have been waiting for. Further cementing Don’s legacy as both a top notch lyricist AND beatsmith, this EP will undoubtedly continue the call for more early-to mid 90’s GD archives.

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19 Responses to “Godfather Don – The Ill Funk Freaker EP (One Leg Up Records)”

  1. Kimani17 says:

    Du du du DU, du doooooo, CHARGE! Bad-Cop to the rescue!

  2. Philaflava says:

    Damn today was a good day

  3. Kimani17 says:

    Ice Cube would be proud

  4. Markshot says:

    Phila, thats what i had on mind, and actually said the same reference to Thun at the facebook 🙂

    but really, today was a good day

    props to BC

  5. NoJiveTurkey says:

    WORD! Mad Props to u BC. Doin gods work my mayngo.

  6. thomassv says:

    WOW!!! PROPS!

  7. Alex says:

    fuck yeah, good job

  8. em2wice says:

    Kudos. Youse guyz r phenoms.

    Note to the other "rap sheets":

    Dese guyz r a problem.

  9. Fritz says:

    Txs & props for the effort 🙂 Although the collection aint't complete I found, DWG is about to release some new old Godfather Don

  10. Anonymous says:

    dwg are fuckin clowns and they are releasing the wrong don material. fuck the hazardous era. the ill don shit is the 93-96 stretch and bob ultramagnetic mcs era.

  11. verge says:

    @Fritz- Thanks for the info, that's good news.
    @anonymous- Although I agree with you about the 93-96(even 97) era being Don's pinnacle, he still had some joints in the Hazadus era. And c'mon, man, DWG got some good people over there and they're at least trying to do what they can to dig up unheard gems. More than we can say for alot of other sites out there.
    Glad heads appreciate this Ill Funk Freaker. Shit is bananas.Thanks BC.

  12. bad-cop says:

    No problems, just givin' something back as there are so many peeps out there that have hooked me up with various bits. I'm one of few lucky bastards that got hold of a copy on wax!

  13. Fritz says:

    Txs for the link Holo, quality is very good

  14. Dread says:

    you guys are the shit, thank you very much

  15. NorfCackAkeelee says:

    I have to admit I really didn't know much about Godfather Don. I heard a track from him on an old Stretch Armstrong mixtape like from 97 but never really looked into him. All that said, this EP is RIDICULOUS. I'm mad at myself for sleeping on dude cuz this is some incredible and timeless music. I'll definitely do some digging for some of his other stuff. Props to yall

  16. Howfresheats says:

    Good looks on this. I used to love all the GD 12"S back in the day. I forgot how dope the dude was.

  17. Cr8digga92 says:

    Nice post.

    I have a request. Can u upload "Pete Pock & C.L. Smooth – Basement Demos EP".

  18. verge says:

    @cr8digga92- I don't believe the Pete Rock & CL Demos drop until sometime in May. Stay tuned.

  19. Anonymous says:


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