Take Me With You

What we have here is a soul track, a rare cover of it, and a hip hop cut that sampled the original. I’m not gonna front like I have either of these funk records in my crates (I wish I did). I first discovered the Lynn Christopher version of “Take Me With You” on a volume of the renowned Dusty Fingers series. I immediately recognized the sample that was used by the Smut Peddlers (High & Mighty and Cage) for One By One, but thought the soul song was so much more substantive. It really transports you right into the groove and makes your head automatically nod. In other words, it would behoove you to give it a listen. It was included on her 1973 self titled album and was also released on 45.

Fun Fact: Gene Simmons from Kiss sings backup vocals on Take Me With You. That, in and of itself, makes this a tough record to track down due to all the Kiss fanatics and completists.

It gets even better: I copped a funk compilation CD by Kon & Amir called Kings Of Diggin. Well, on this CD was another version of Take Me With You by Tyrone & Carr. This version is more rugged and less sweet and they seem to be singing in a different key or something. But make no mistake, this is a straight funk banger. On the liner notes of this CD, Kon or Amir state that they are not sure which one came out first. It’s safe to trust them on that, they know their shit.

I really can’t pick which one I like more as they are both really soulful, funky, and just great. If you’re partial to one over the other, let us know in the comment section.
Lynn Christopher – Take Me With You

Tyrone & Carr – Take Me With You

Smut Peddlers – One By One


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11 Responses to “Take Me With You”

  1. bosmann says:

    I like that lynn christopher track better!
    The bassline is more "full" and then there's this crazy sound.. Pieewuuuuuuuu..

    i love it..

  2. verge says:

    @bosmann- Yeah, that sound and her singing sway me to Lynn Christopher's version, but I'm constantly flip-flopping on this one. The Tyrone Carr one's bass and drums is so bangin', it's a tough call.

  3. Boothe says:

    For a second I thought this was Prince posting.

    Glad to see it wasn't.

    For the record, I prefer the Lyn Christopher track.

  4. Carlito Roc Tck Krew says:

    Great song, gotta roll with the Lynn Christopher version. One of those joints i could listen to for hours. I remember when Ken Sport played this up at the Night Train Show. I think Eli rocked it up there too.

    Cant believe that Smut Peddlers was almost a Decade ago.

  5. Anonymous says:

    does anyone have a rip of the lp? cannot find it for the life of me…and i usually find everything….

    wanna hear it so baaad

  6. verge says:

    @Carlito Roc- Yeah,the 1st time I heard that was on the Night Train,too.Them and Bobbito really got me into diggin' this type of ish.Good ol' days.
    @anonymous- Sorry, I don't have the LP. But if you do find it,leave a link here,please. I think that whole Kiss association makes this a tough one.Hmmm.Maybe check through some Kiss blogs?

  7. Spick Rick says:

    Download link is invalid! Tragedy!

  8. Thun says:

    The link is fine, champ.

  9. OW says:

    Tyrone and Carr is actually the original but their version was, basically, a demo version of the song, never intended for commercial release. http://soul-sides.com/2009/09/which-came-first-take-me-with-you.html has the full story.

  10. Bumpandhustle says:

    Tyrone & Carr every time. Monster tune, no doubt it’s the original

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