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Last week I made a thread in our T.R.O.Y. forum after viewing a video of Joaquin Phoenix being questioned about his aspiring rap career. To my surprise he really knows his shit and if you let the video stream you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. But what was really mindblowin’ was his comments at the 1:43 mark. Not only do I have to give this man props for knowing about Trends, but it almost makes me like him that much more of an actor too.

A few years back our homies at Oh Word wrote a mini-review on Trends, so those who aren’t as hip as Joaquin might want to check it out first. More importantly T.R.O.Y. forum members Kimani and Jaz laced us with some goodies to share. We hear Grapevine is now an actor living in L.A., M.O.L. is still making beats and Nastee joined the corporate world but word is they’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack! – Philaflava

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Trends Of Culture- Trendz (1993)

1. Fuck What Ya Heard 4:12
2. Let Tha Big Boyz Play 4:29
3. Old Habits 4:46
4. Who Got My Back? 3:14
5. Hassle On The Iron Horse 5:01
6. Off & On 4:23
7. Crotch Ripper/Mad Speaker 4:06
8. Mad Flavor Mad Style 3:27
9. Valley Of The Skinz 5:07
10. Top Ten Interlude 2:44
11. Valley Of The Skinz (Bonus Mix) 5:40

Post ’93 Material:

Wondering whatever happened to Trends? Check out this video and peep the sample tracks from the forthcoming album.

Two classic tracks/videos from Trends

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6 Responses to “Trends of Phoenix”

  1. Anonymous says:

    is this ripped from a tape? it sounds horrible.

  2. Philaflava says:

    Anonymous – Are you referring to the album or the various tracks? If its the album then shame on you for not having it already.

  3. BACKFLASH says:

    respect to joaquin, it makes you wonder how many other movie-stars are closet beat heads. funny, is he RA the rugged man's missing twin?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I knew I thought that was Grapevine on that show ONE ON ONE!! lol. Love these guys, glad to see them back.

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