Who Flipped It Better? Cal Tjader – Mother And Child

This time around we’re going to make it a little less mind boggling to pick the beat you like better. There’s only two songs that I know of that used the same Cal Tjader sample. I’ll give you some info and previews below, then you can be the judge.

First up, we have Encore‘s smoothed out track ‘Think Twice’ from the 1996 Peanut Butter Wolf ‘Step On Our Egos’ EP. I loved this track the first time I heard it and it still holds up. PBW loops the sample and laces some rugged drums under it, suiting my taste as a fan perfectly. The clincher here for me are the vocal samples that he uses for the hook . Finsta Bundy‘s vocal sample of never gave a fuck and I never thought twice is from Sunnyside off of what I believe was their first single, Sunnyside/Spirit Of The Boogie. The other vocal sample is from Donald Byrd’s sampled to death, but very appropriate here, cut ‘Think Twice’.

The challenger is none other than Perth Amboy, New Jersey’s own Miilkbone. The track is ‘How Ya Like It’ off of his debut album ‘Da Miilkrate’ and also the flip side of his hit single ‘Keep It Real’. Nick Wiz handles the production on this track combining the Tjader sample with another sample that I can’t identify at this time. It definitely sounds very familiar, maybe from a soundtrack or a CTI artist? If you know what it is, please leave it in the comments. Regardless, the track is ill. For the hook, he loops up “tell me how you like it so far, baby paw” from Method Man’s self titled breakthrough cut ‘Method Man’.

Cal Tjader – Mother And Child
Encore – Think Twice
Miilkbone – How Ya Like It

Personally, I went with the PBW produced ‘Think Twice’. Leave your choice in the comments if you would like.

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3 Responses to “Who Flipped It Better? Cal Tjader – Mother And Child”

  1. Brandan E. says:

    its amazing how these people flip these samples! pure magic!
    Encore's joint is nice and laid back, pretty ill joint.
    Milkbone's joint is knocking and a little hard.
    so its up to what that person likes and the vibe they are in. but ill give the slight edge to Milkbone.

    i love it when yall do these sample posts!!

  2. cantinflasjr says:

    another post thats informative w/ dope music. Thanks Verge

  3. em2wice says:

    PBW but still gotta respeck tha Miilkbone. You folk ain't NO JOKE. Another hot post

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