Blog Building 3/22/09

At the end of this month, the T.R.O.Y. Movement will be six months old, and that has to mean that we’ve officially arrived, right?

Our most recent development is the creation of the mailing list/ google group called Skypager. Over forty of our readers have already signed up and this core group will be receiving exclusive downloads, news updates, and other goodies. We believe it will also prove to be a valuable place to have discussions about the future of the blog. All aboard!

Our most recent poll concerned your favorite Biggie 12″ single. The winner? Hands down, “Big Poppa/ Unbelievable.” That’s a pretty tough recording to beat, as it more or less encapsulates Biggie’s approach (a-side for the ladies, b-side for the duns) so it isn’t too surprising. Plus I know we have a lot of DJ Premier fans in the house. Speaking of which, please do not look the other way during Gang Starr Month (April), we have a lot in store for everyone.
Please vote in this week’s poll, which concerns 90s hip hop fashion. For those that don’t know, the poll widget is in the lower right sidebar. Democracy in action.
I heard through the grapevine that there will be yet another blog emerging from the philaflava.com forums, this one dedicated to contemporary music news. Be on the lookout for that.
I feel like our “All Eye Seeing” widget is ignored. “All Eye Seeing” is a feed of our shared Google Reader items. I try to link to the best the rap blogosphere has to offer (T.R.O.Y. related stuff, mostly) but I’ve also ventured out into blog posts that deal with Web2.0, new media, race, and other matters I find interesting. I have also added the option to subscribe by email to this feed, which means that every day you’d get one nice bundled mailing of my shared links. Look to your right, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the lower sidebar.
For the attentive, we also altered the set up of the right sidebars slightly. It’s a slightly more attractive arrangement, perhaps. Let us know what you think.
That’s all for now, fam. Take some time tonight to catch up on what you missed and stay tuned, we have another great week ahead of us.