Old School Breakdance Odyssey Volume One (1979-1987)

So ya want more 80’s hip hop eh ? Ask and you shall receive! Today we’ve got a dope selection of old school coming your way. Some of these tracks register over the top in the obscure category, others are well known. If you’re a fiend for those old school drums and flows, peep this. The track by Sorcery is so dope I have almost broken my speakers, same for ‘Breakdancers Call’.


01 (04:30) Bobby Demo – More Bounce To The Ounce
02 (05:02) Sorcerey – Woo Baby
03 (07:16) Schoolly D – Put Your Filas On
04 (06:23) Spyder D – I Can’t Wait (To Rock The Mic)
05 (03:33) Megatron – This Is It
06 (04:48) Grandmaster Flash – The Message
07 (05:32) Ron Hunt – Spiderap
08 (04:17) Egyptian Lover – My House On The Nile
09 (06:56) Detroit Grand Pubahs – Dr. Bootygrabber (More recent, but fits right in)
10 (14:23) Jimmy Spicer – The Adventures Of Super Rhymes
11 (08:27) Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus (12′ Mix)
12 (02:18) Richie Rich – Check It Out
13 (04:44) Whodini – Freaks Come Out At Night
14 (02:05) Grand Wizard Theodore – Subway Theme
15 (06:21) V. Helden – Breakdancers Call
16 (10:08) Spyder D – Big Apple Rappin (National Rappin Anthem)
17 (07:57) Newcleus – Jam On It
18 (05:49) Laid Back – White Horse
19 (07:01) Arabian Prince – Strange Life
20 (02:39) The Cold Crush Brothers – Streetsounds
21 (03:46) Beatmaster Clay D – Rock The House/Ugly People Be Quiet
22 (02:43) The Triple Threat – Three Mpg Rap

I love bringing the heat from yesteryear so if this is the kind of sound you like give me a shout!


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10 Responses to “Old School Breakdance Odyssey Volume One (1979-1987)”

  1. dochiphop says:

    this is a nice compilation. the 80's boom bap and electro is where it's at. Big thanx!!

  2. T.R.O.Y. says:

    Word I'm definitely looking forward to hearing this. – Thun

  3. Anonymous says:

    this look great thx

  4. Anonymous says:

    great selections. super obscure and the essentials! thanks.

  5. madrotter says:

    hey thanks! cool! here's some early 80's right back at ya!

    big stick – crack attack


  6. Vcyne says:

    1979-1987 sorry

  7. Vcyne says:

    Does someone know something about that Megatron this is it… Can't find anythang

  8. C.R. says:

    @ vincent: a lot of times when you read megatron it's really maggotron … but this isn't maggotron either.
    btw that house track (detroit grand pubahs) is also from the 2000s.

    @ schenectadyfan: track #13 is an early spyder-d alias: b+ … doesn't appear in the tracklist.


  9. Vcyne says:

    @ C.R.: I don't understand: you sure that B+ track isn't #16 instead of #13? You're right on that detroit grand pubahs

  10. C.R. says:

    yes, I am sure. it's this record:

    and that "megatron" joint is just another armand van helden tune.

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