Big L – Put It On (Homegrown Remix)

Now that you’ve probably already scrolled right past these words to hear the Big L joint below and scrolled back up to see what the story was behind it, here it is:

The original version of Big L’s Put It On is just perfect. Sampling Buster Williams version of the Roy Ayers’ penned Vibrations gave it a smoothed out, soulful appeal that made it an instant classic.

Years later, I thought more about Put It On and decided that it should have an alternate mix. A darker beat that might match his vocals in a more menacing way was what I wanted to see happen. So, at the time, I had my MPC2000xl for about 2 years and was just really starting to put together half decent tracks.

I sampled Bo Hansson’s At The House Of Elrond off of his Music Inspired By Lord Of The Rings album from 1972. From what I can remember, I think I just slowed it down on the turntable and sampled a few different parts and arranged them to my liking through the MPC. Then, I took a not too known drum break, chopped it to pieces, layered some other drums over them and tapped it out on the drum pads.

I originally did this in 2004 and I wanted to recreate this to the best of my ability, so I called on vaporized from the T.R.O.Y. forum for some help. I sent him my beat and the Big L acapella and below you can hear the results. Give it a thorough listen and leave a comment, thanks.

Bo Hansson – At The House Of Elrond

Big L – Put It On (Verge Remix)

Remix Instrumental

Download the original Put It On and much more Big L here.
And check for even more Big L here and at the Big L Rarities blog.

Thanks to vaporized for the blend and to Roy Johnson for schooling me on the Buster Williams sample.
— Verge

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5 Responses to “Big L – Put It On (Homegrown Remix)”

  1. Markshot says:

    Sounds nice! Great job Verge!

  2. The Big Sleep says:

    Diggin’ it and much props on the linkage too. By the way, that promotional press release picture of L is the one he used to autograph a lot.

    And here’s my mini-interview with L.G. about Put It On (up on my site):

    The L.G. Experience, Patrick Harvey, Easy Mo Bee's Younger Brother

    What up. I have no problem talking about a legend like Big L.

    I met Big L through Scoob Lover, Big Daddy Kane's dancer. Scoob had L come meet me at Soundtrack Studios in '93 where I used to record at. He was looking for beats. He picked some beats but we never recorded anything.

    About a year and change later Faith Newman, Columbia A&R, wanted a remix from me for Put It On. I did the remix at the original Chung King Studios. Nobody knew it was my brother Easy Mo Bee doing the scratches on the record.

    I hooked up with L again in '96. My cousin was seeing a chick who lived in L's building on 139th. We talked about doing some shit but it just never happened. I was outta town when I heard he got killed. The game could use that dude right now.

    Anyway, as far as your question about my name L.G., that's the name of the housing projects I grew up in. Lafayette Gardens in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn.

    If it's anything else I can help you with, just holla at me. Anything associated with some real hip hop, I'm fuckin' wit' it. I'm still doing my grizzly on them beats so if you know somebody looking for hip hop, holla.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How the fuck do I download shit from divshare???

  4. verge says:

    Thanks for the props fellas and for posting that L.G. interview The Big Sleep.

    @anonymous- My bad, I edited in a mediafire link to download the og, remix, samples, and instrumentals.

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