Resurrection 1994 (The Lost Twista Album)

Resurrection(1994) is the name of the second album from Chicago rapper Twista. Twista slowed his flow and deepened his voice on his second effort; he also took a darker, rougher production. This album was never released officially, it could only be found on the streets of Chicago. The album also shares the same title as Common’s Resurrection from 1994 as well. Dres of Black Sheep can be heard sharing the mic with Twista on Track 5 “Re-Act With A Mic”. The highlight track of the album is “Suicide“, a diss directed at Naughty By Nature, The Beatnuts, and Del The Funky Homosapien. To those who were thinking that Twista was just a gimmick, this album clearly showed his true mc skills.

And to those wondering where I got this “re-issue”, I bought it from thetipcds.com a few years ago. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. Here’s the tracklist and the download link.

  1. “Da Resurrection” (Intro)
  2. “Suicide” (Remix)
  3. “Anomosity Kills”
  4. “Street Paranoia”
  5. “Re-act With a Mic” ft. Dres
  6. “Scat Like Dat”
  7. “Return”
  8. “Dirt On The Down Low”
  9. “Shadow Boxin'”
  10. “All About the Papes”
  11. “One Shot, One Kill”
  12. “Suicide” (Original Version)


— Thomas V

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5 Responses to “Resurrection 1994 (The Lost Twista Album)”

  1. esteban says:

    illest shit

  2. DJ WARLORD says:

    hi! i posted this album over at bust the facts,hope you don't mind,anyway i've big'd you up for the link.i love this blog this is my no#2 blog after bust the facts.keep up the good work.nuff respect!!!!!!! (ps. sorry about not thanking you for the link the first time i forgot!!-it won't happen again! peace out!

  3. Justine says:

    Thank you!!!

  4. Breeze says:

    Whoa, thanks.

  5. Mike N says:

    Hey, This is an awesome album, but can you upload it in high quality? Like 320 kbps or FLAC? Ive been looking for this in high quality for years now. Thanks!

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