East Palo Alto: When The Murder Rate Was High Vol. 1

East Palo Alto (often called EPA) is a city in San Mateo County, California. In 1992, it had the highest per-capita murder rate in the country. At the same time, their hip hop scene started growing rapidly and reflected the grit and grime of it’s surrounding environment. So, if you love some real g-funk gangsta style bangers, then this here is perfect material for you.

01. Mac And A.K. – Major League Ballin’ 

02. High Skillz – Here We Go 
03. C-Funk – Don’t You Know 
04. SIC – Keep Flowin’ 
05. M.O.G. – Thang To Do 
06. Roots From The Underground – The Treatment 
07. Mr. Loco Clown – Jealous 
08. The Youngen – Back To Reality 
09. C-Funk – S.H. 
10. Mac And A.K. – I Got The Message 
11. High Skillz – Keep It Real 
12. The Youngen – Played By The Industry 
13. M.O.G. – P.A. Thang 
14. Kaos – Much Respect 
15. Totally Insane – The Insane 
16. Di Di Chill – Ghetto Woman 
17. Chunk – Devil Try To Do Me 
18. Sean T – A Whole Nutha Level 
19. Smoke – 5150 
20. Rated X – Running Away 
21. Parts Unknown – NuTack Remix 
22. P-19 – Some Thin 4 A Niggas Ass 
23. Jerry Flynn – Good Ass Pussy 
24. Sean T – All In A Niggas Look 
25. Rated X – Why’d You Have To Do It
Check some samples:

C-Funk got his start as Cap’n -Crunch in the 1985 seminal rap sensation Rated X. Rated X’s album sales and ‘party-till-you-drop’ live shows caught the attention of hip hop ‘Generals’ such as Shock G (Digital Underground) Chuck D. (Public Enemy) & Paris, who sought his talents for their projects as hip-hop began its military assault on the world. While still under contract to independent succession records, Cap’n Crunch shortened his moniker to C-Funk and went solo.

Sean T is a rapper and record producer. He started his career in 1989 as a DJ before becoming a member of the rap group M.O.G. (short for Murder One Gangstas). Throughout his career both as a rapper and a producer, he has released seven solo albums, two albums with his group Murder One Gangstas, and has worked with some of California’s top rappers, including E-40, C-Bo, and 3X Krazy, to name a few.

Mac & A.K. was introduced to the game by dropping their first release in 1996, Westbound (For Riders Only) The EP. They were already signed to Tommy Boy Records when this EP was allowed to hit the streets which is very rare. Tommy Boy allowed them to eat independently while they finished up their debut Tommy Boy releases entitled “Drastic Measures Vol. 1 and Vol. 2”. Neither album was released as Mac & A.K. chose to leave the label to pursue other avenues such as creating their own label to release their brand of West Coast funk.

We suggest, if you are ready to download this, that you might wanna wear your bulletproof vest for your own safety. If you don’t have one, well, good luck.

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  1. A to the B says:

    Good lookin' on this one, rogue.

  2. Jon says:

    Damn i havent heard some these – nice fuckin post…im feelin rogish just in time for spring, haha.

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